Monday, June 24, 2019

Mine Crypto with a Phone

πŸ“± A Real Phone Mining App?

Have you heard of Electroneum? It's an app that cloud mines a special crypto currency called ETN, that believe it or not, is actually worth mining.

Electroneum isn't all that new, but it's catching on and has a pretty good trade value. It's actually pretty cool for what it is and besides that, you earn a real worthwhile coin for free.

Besides, every month they toss about 3$ worth of ETN back into your wallet because they actually respect the community supporting it.


Electroneum ETN is listed on Coin Market Cap and ranked at 115 at the time I wrote this.

The app itself if pretty well developed. Easily navigatable and pretty nice, actually.

The app doesn't take up much space and has it's own security features. Making it worth taking a look at and worth using.

All in all, I traded about 702 ETNs for ETH and still use it as a way to dump a few extra bits in my bag.

I love ETN. I love the app and I enjoy looking at my balance and making sure its mining.

Also, if you like to HODL your Alts...

ETN is a great one to keep in your wallet for a possible long term investment. You never know where ETN might end up.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cryptocurrency for Beggars

Send those unwanted Crypto Coins to my Wallet. 

I'm going to try an experiment. 

I'm going to list my favorite 6 wallet addresses for the top 6 Cryptocurrencies and YOU are going to send me whatever amount you feel like sending me.

This is a beggar's post for Crypto. 

All you need to do is feel generous and send me whatever you want. In return, I promise to invest them and then cash them out on New Years of 2020. 

My Coinomi Wallet Addresses. Send me free Crypto. Just for kicks and giggles.

1. Bitcoin 

2. Ethereum 

3. Litecoin 

4. Bitcoin Cash

5. Monero 

6. ZCash 

Why am I doing this? 

Because I believe strongly that we all can benefit from sharing crypto.

My intentions are simple and honest. Let's see if the claim that decentralized currency will help end poverty. 

If you believe in Cryptocurrency and the ideals it represents, prove it. 

Send me some of those hard to earn coins.

Share this Blog Post and lets see what happens. Have fun with the idea and let's see who really believes in decentralized blockchain currencies.

If you add a memo, I will share it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Mine Your Own Crypto for Free

Real 100% Free Crypto Miners.

If you have been looking for a way to mine the top five cryptocurrencies, your search is over.

The following links on here will take you to a great website, where all you need to sign up is your phone or PC and your wallet address. Nothing else. Its free and it works.

100% free cloud mining. No strings attached. Payouts are real and come to you with in 7 to 14 days after requesting. This isn't a lame faucet website with bs links and unfriendly moderators. This is real mining for crypto, at zero cost to you.

SIGN UP and start mining bitcoin, ethereum, dash and litecoin in real time. Without needing any investments.

SIGN UP here>> 100% Free Bitcoin Mining.

Ethereum 100% Free Ethereum miner

The rest are up to you.

I promise, we tested these free miners4 Iloiloand they work. No gimmicks here, just free mining for everyone. No strings attached. Start today.

Monday, May 27, 2019

A Survey App That Actually Pays

A Real Paying Survey App?

Qmee is by far the Best Survey App anyone could use. 

There are tons of Survey apps out there, but most make you save up credits in order to get paid out. I hate those annoying apps.

But Qmee is different.

You can cash out whenever you want.

If you make .25 cents on a survey, cash it out to your PayPal.

If you make $2.00 on another, cash it out to your PayPal.

Or save them until you feel like cashing out.

However you want to do it, you can make real money and toss it into your savings with this really great survey app.


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Free Share from Robinhood

Get the Free Robin Hood Trade App &
Obtain a Free Share in Apple, Ford or another great company!

The Best Deal for Beginning Stock Investors is 100% Free!

Download the Robinhood App and Sign up, and you'll get one Free Share potential worth hundreds.

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RobinHood Free Share.

Just recently I started using RobinHood and being that I'm a complete beginner, I'm glad I started with RobinHood.
The sign up is absolutely free and the features are pretty Amazing.
There are no fees to buy and trade your stocks, other than your own investment money, there are no other charges.
The Best part is, if you use my link you will receive a single share from any number of stocks, absolutely free. The share may be from Apple, Ford, or any other well know company. 100% free from RobinHood just for signing up.
No. There isn't any sign up fee. No, you don't need a credit card and no I'm not joking. All you need to do is follow the directions, link your bank account and the free share comes directly to your account from Robinhood.

Get started today and get one free share to get you started on the right track, totally free from Robinhood.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Money Making Apps

Survey Apps that actually pay.

Seems like everyone is looking for ways to make money from survey or opinion apps.

While a quick search on google play for “money earning apps” returns with a bunch of results, figuring out which ones of those are actually worth downloading, can be problematic.

Luckily I’ve done all the research into those apps and created a list of apps that have actually paid out.

Survey apps, crypto coin apps and apps that you can create a passive income with are all here, so let’s get started.

These are my top 3 picks for survey apps that have actually paid me and allowed me to deposit my earnings into my bank account.

#1 Qmee Surveys: I was skeptical about this one at first, but what really sets this one apart from all the others, you cash out your earnings to PayPal at any time without needing to wait to reach a minimal. Although the surveys are slightly lower in pay, in one day I managed to toss $22.00 into my bank via PayPal.

#2 Surveys On the Go: This app actually pays out as well and you can reach the threshold of 10$ pretty quickly. The surveys can be slow coming but worth your time, paying out on average between 2$, 5$ up to 20$ for more complex surveys that ask you to keep a weekly record of purchases and food items. You can also sign up for a money tracking service that pays 5$ per week for allowing this app to track your purchases.

#3 1Q Surveys: This app pays you immediately after completing one of their surveys, which is a pretty unique feature for a survey app. Depending on your demographics, answers and other personal things, surveys can come quickly or slowly.

Now on to some higher paying apps that you can easily earn some money using, but require a little more effort.

Sweat Coin: Walk much? Work on your feet? Run or jog? Sweat Coin pays you in a form of crypto currency that is worth saving. May take a while, but if you are very active and do a lot of moving around, you might find this app perfect for earning some extra bling bling.

RobinHood: I have been investing with RobinHood for a while now. I started with this investment app and haven't looked back. You can easily learn to trade, set alerts and buy and sell with ease.

Start small and learn with all of Robin Hood's smart features. If you use the link above, you can earn a free stock purchase and start out smart, like I did. Great app and heck, you make money. Plus, who wouldn't like free stock to start out with?

Another survey app that pays?

Methinks: This isn't your everyday survey app. This app pays out huge. Now, this isn't a question and answer survey app like the ones I showed you above, it takes more effort but its worth it. You can make anywhere from 5$ to 200$ for doing face to face surveys via your PC or smartphone.

While its much more complicated as opposed to just answering questions, Methinks wants analysts and professional people as much as gamers and students. It is a well rounded serious survey app.

Make some real extra money with this money maker. Just be prepared to spend some time with researchers and be honest about who you are.

Enjoy my list? Share the Url with anyone looking for ways to make money using free apps.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Medium App Review

Do the Medium app Curators Dismiss Writers based on Payments?

I started using Medium as an outlet for my desire to write. At first I found the app to be amazing and useful. I was posting freshly written thoughts and articles freely without looking deeply into the app. I joined Medium because of a article I read written by Gabrielle Blair, that was nothing short of a sexist's attack on men.

So I wrote a rebuttal and expected shared acceptance by the curators, based simply on the idea that there are always opposing views on a subject and perhaps my rebuttal would be treated the same way as her one sided dramatically written article.

After posting a few short “stories” as they call them afterwards, I checked the stats on my posted work and found I didn’t get any exposure whatsoever. The curators of Medium dismissed my work, and I wondered why so I wrote them that very question.

All I received in return was a generic reply about how they carefully curated articles and that if not categorized, keep writing.

Then I started looking over the carefully curated articles that they push on their homepage and under topics. Most of the writers are members, meaning that they paid Medium to be a member, not just signed up like myself and thousands of others.

I’ve read many articles that members have had curated for viewing and most were very poorly written. Some were blatant hyperbole attempts at spurring reactions and thus dragging people onto Medium to reply to such insanities.

Drama gets attention, like stupidity normally does.

While mine have been dismissed by Medium’s curatorial staff, I thought perhaps I should share them here just to see what people think.

This first one was completely dismissed by Medium.

“My Red Tide Theory Might Solve Florida’s Biggest Environmental Issue.” by Jeffrey A Kaufman.

These following articles were also skipped over.

“Trump’s war on Intellectualism starts with Fear.” by Jeffrey A Kaufman

“No News is good News.” by Jeffrey A Kaufman

This next one was a rebuttal to Gabrielle Blair.

“Don’t Blame Men without Including Women.” by Jeffrey A Kaufman

I thought it was a well worth reading article, but apparently it wasn’t. This next one I thought for sure they would publicize. Nope. Not Medium.

“Picking the Right Rescue Dog for the Family Using The Ball Test.” by Jeffrey A Kaufman

Why? I think because I didn’t toss them 5$. Check out Medium for yourself… see why you shouldn’t waste your talent with Medium.