Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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News Propaganda Runs the Election

The Question Americans are not asking, but thinking….

This entire electioneering process, this go around, has been eye opening. We have been given an opportunity as “We The People” of this country, to pay eyewitness to the extraordinary obviousness of the gears working behind the scenes, that much like a puppeteer’s strings, controls the opinion of the masses. But….

Who controls public opinion?
Hard question to answer?

No, not if your being honest.

The media controls public opinion. We make our choices, based solely upon what we “Learn” from news outlets, on TV,  in print, or online, but how many of us really have the opportunity, or the time, to make it to a speech, or a rally? Really, how do we know how these people really are in the real world? By watching the news? Name a “News” outlet, like Fox, for an example. Tell me something, is Fox News really unbiased? CNN? NBC? CBS? Any of them, unbiased in their own political agendas?

No. Not unless your blind and numb.

So what have we learned people?

Nothing new. I mean, haven’t we been aware of it all, for a while now? It’s just that now, today, at this moment, for this election, we’ve seen it being done openly. Right out in the blue. If I could take a camera and a microphone to NYC, downtown, and walk around asking people one question, it would be, “Who is running for president?”

I bet you a million bucks, that 60+% can not tell you the names of more than 2 candidates, those being Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hell, I’m not even sure if I know.

I bet you someone who watches Fox news, exclusively, will not be voting for Hillary Clinton. -Verses, someone who watches CNN?


If you are a well rounded media consumer, who nibbles on the edges of many news outlets throughout a day, you’d be quick to note the feverish tempo from one news station to the other, in telling you something negative or positive about one candidate or the other.

If you watch one station more than others, or exclusively with only one outlet, and that outlet is more biased towards one candidate, and is more negative on one candidate more than the other, more frequently, your going to follow suit. Your readily media prepped, and ready to vote, based on what a news anchor says.
The Question America isn’t asking, but thinking is….

What the hell is happening to our election process? No…its…”Who controls the Media?” Well, it’s should be that question….but it’s not. Why? Because it would make for terrible ratings…duh!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Pig Makes Radio Suck

Rush Limbaugh: The Idiots Leader of Fruitlessness in Falsehoods!

Time and time again, I find myself hypnotized by the things Rush Limbaugh has to say. I’m fascinated by his disregard for intelligent thinking. The drawn out, overall lack of logic, compiled with his masterful ability to deny fact and misconstrue useful chances to educate people with truth, bewilders me beyond words.

The other day, I caught him going on and on about alternative means of power. He talked about solar power, and wind power as if they were the devil’s creation. This leads me to believe he must have some stock in the oil industry and is very unhappy with the falling markets. Unless of course he just hates alternative power sources for no reason? Yeah, no….it’s obvious that old Rush is just self concerned about the future of his stakes in oil and fossil fuels.

You have to love how he thinks fracking is a wonderful way to retrieve oil, while totally ignoring the ramifications of the technology.

Rush is very much like those who denied Noah’s building of the ark. He is the naysayers advocate, the prince of bullshit, especially when it comes to anything dealing with the environment! If it was up to Rush, humanity would rape, pillage and burn old mother nature to ashes, all the while denying anything is wrong.

He has stated, many times, that global warming is a myth, but can’t seem to justify his belief with anything but rhetoric and blind dismissals of fact! Even when you can use Google to look at the polar ice caps and see how much of it has vanished in the last 30 years. Even though, there is a tremendous amount of factual scientific evidence and huge amounts of data supporting global warming, Rush just brushes it all aside with idiotic proclamations of dismissal based on nothing more than some whacko self applied reasoning.

Politically…. Rush has been totally one sided. To me, he is the divisional master of political influence. Which is helpful. If someone follows Rush, or is a hardcore fan, you then can assume they lack the intelligence to communicate or at least be open minded enough to consider and weigh things out with an even keel.

Just overall, I find Rush to be a great reminder of what’s really wrong with America.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Reverse Psychology of the Trojan Horse Trump Campaign

My Theory on Trump Proves to be Correct… or Wrong…. DEPENDING on how you view things. Perspective, after all… is everything!

Trump being snubbed by the recent Republican endorsements laid upon Cruz, is only helping Trump. It makes sense that *they would actually be supporting Trump, by endorsing Cruz. It’s the old tactic of reverse psychology, like telling a teenage daughter, after you meet her boyfriend, that you like him and think he’s a great guy for her. Knowing that she is going to dump him, just because you said you liked him. At least that’s my plan, when that time comes, but as far as how this election process seemingly seems to be running, I think you can catch my drift. By the way…*they=The Establishment . aka The Powers that be….

They know, that they are so disliked, that to endorse Cruz, means to condemn him. Jeb’s little endorsement may have just wrecked Cruz’s run, totally. When Barbra Bush says “America has had enough of the Bushes”, you know it’s true. Voters will look at these endorsements and fall out of rank behind Cruz, unless he denounces these endorsements. Which he should’ve done immediately if he truly is an outsider, who “fights” against big government. In which case, and immediate denouncement of the endorsements. Times up… Immediate… has gone and past.

Then, if he accepted these endorsements, it still means that we have two puppets that fit on the fist of the establishment. In which case, everyone running is part of the most elaborate Republican party run ever created.

Reality is, nothing seems to be running like a presidential election normally runs. People backing out of debates in order to NOT have the head to head debate. From here on out, it will, more and more become, even more obvious, that the Trojan horse is still running in the front of the pack. By the same reins, and psychological endorsements that keeps a Trojan in first place.

Anyways… yeah… think about it!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Last Words on 2016

Opinion on the 2016 Election

Where do I begin? It would seem that the election process and the candidates running have all become lame horses this go around. What do we have going for us America? Anything on the roster worth our time? Nope… so let me talk about this election’s faults….

Two things….

1. The Media
If we look at the Media, both mainstream media and the so-called “drive-by” media, all we have is plain old biased coverage. Listening to Rush, Glenn, Mark, all of the big talk-radio guys, is like listening to Republican propaganda. Well, I shouldn’t say like…..it is Republican Propaganda.

Watching Fox, Msnbc, CNN, CBS, or any of the big television media coverage outlets, you can easily decipher which ones are run by Republicans or Democrats. You can’t tell me Fox is unbiased towards Democrats. I’ve seen veins pop out on some of the hosts when someone defends Hillary Clinton. The makeup started to run…no joke.
It’s as if every political party has somehow managed to become the media. Or visa versa….

Nothing that comes out from the media is impartially motivated. It’s become so obvious, that people are learning to change channels to get the information they want from the side they stand for. That, in itself, is belligerent, biased based media and frankly, I’m tired of the obviousness of it.

Does the right of “freedom of the press” cover political propaganda? The best part is, everyone of them will deny being biased, straight up, and tell you they are independent and unbiased. Yet, when you watch these outlets, you can easily, easily tell who is run by who, and no denial of that can misconstrue the obviousness of it all.

2. The Candidates

Please. What country do we live in? Did the gods of electioneering wake up on the wrong side of the bed before starting this crapshoot this election year?
What do we have left on the table, that provides even the most miniscule amount of hope for making this country change the path we are on? Which of the candidates actually are running to fix America, or to continue with the wealthy anointed agendas of screwing our country?

On the Democratic side, we have two lame horses. One, a full fledged socialist, the other, facing possible charges for abuse…or misuse of power…i.e. Email Scandal? Need I say more? “cough…foundation…cough Clinton”

On the Republican side, we have nothing but the typical used car salesmen lookalikes. Trump takes a QVC moment to promote his Trump products.(Don’t tell me he didn’t make money off that display!) We have Cruz who just planted a BUSH in his garden. Rubio, who, well is Rubio and seems better at being a wannabe stand up comedian, than a President. Kasich who, well seems like he’s rehearsed himself to a point where he sounds bought and paid for. Don’t even get me started on these hopeful’s policy stances. If Cruz is an outsider, I’m a fricken Catholic Nun! Have you even seen his voting? Patriot of the Constitution my ass!

Sadly and I mean this, I think we lost a true outsider when Ben Carson dropped out, but we can blame that on the media. Sure he didn’t do everything right, but that’s what you might want to expect from an outsider who doesn’t have all the same numbers in his phone book like Cruz, Rubio or Trump? Just saying, in my opinion, clumsy sometimes means honesty. I mean if he was a part of the establishment or famously recognizable like Trump, or had the same portfolio of backers, or played the same game, he would have risen ahead. You see, it’s not who you are or what you say, it’s who you know and how dirty you can get, in this election.

If you look closer at Ben Carson, you see a true outsider, a true nobody in politics and what could have been an excellent conservative choice opposite of anyone out there, but he gave it up, and honestly….can you blame him? You could tell right off the bat, the propaganda machines were chewing on his keester and floating him down the wrong creek, painfully down the wrong creek!

I feel duped, mainly because Trump then Cruz hooked into me first and that was a stupid mistake.

I read Ben Carson’s book, and watched a few things from him. Honestly, I think he got the wrong end of the stick and I hope America will notice that, eventually….but it’s too late, this time around. Maybe next time? Maybe not, seeing how badly he was chewed up and spat out by the filthy mechanics of this election.

I mean you could kinda compare him to my posts. I’m speaking openly about how I feel, with honesty and candor…and my posts get 18 views a day…lol!
Ben Carson, I believe had the best intentions out from all of the rest, but he was overtaken by the media, which tells you one thing…. Propaganda works!

I’m not sure, since he dropped out, if his name will be on the ballet, if it is, he’ll get my little worthless vote. lol

I’m not sitting this election out, but I’m not voting for anyone on the ballet if Ben isn’t on it. If I vote, it will be for Mickey Mouse, even if I have to hand write it on my ballet. At this point, I might as well accept I’m stuck with nothing but bad choices!

I guess, at least for me, I’m looking at this entire election and all of the candidates and thinking…”I’ve seen enough bullsh*t, and I’m walking away!” That’s where I’m at…and it sucks!

Unfortunately, (and I’ve used that word a lot in my posts)…. Unfortunately, we have sh*t left to hope for in this run for Presidency. So I’m going to focus on what really matters the most (my awesome family) and hang my hat on posting anymore posts on this subject. Enough is enough this election year. Next post will be about something more interesting… the creek in my backyard maybe, or the blue tongue deer epidemic!

Good luck folks…. If anything, at least Mickey Mouse gets 1 vote before any of the jackasses… well… idk… They are all Rodents of the system anyways.

Peace out!

3-11-16 Revised Additional Commentary
Well… I didn’t see this coming…
Ben gets called a pedophile by douchebag Trump, then Ben endorses Trump… so…yeah…ummm… integrity he has not. Amazing transformation actually, and, but again, I’m duped! How the hell do you go from being attacked with the lowest, lowest form of attack, to proclaiming your attacker the “Spiritual leader”?
Yeah I know, last post, and blah blah blah. ..
Seriously though, allow what Ben did to sink in.
What the fuck is going on with this crapshoot bullshit election?
The “powers that be” are hard at work here folks, hard at work! The old majestic dollar is doing the Devils work, and the chimpanzee organ grinder gambit of insanity is right there in our face…and what…we do exactly what sheep do best…we huddle in a mass of stupidity and follow these asshats right to hell! Right to the gates of hades, waving hello to the gate keeper, without looking back to see what we’ve left behind! Lol IS ANYONE ELSE questioning this pep rally of un-American CRAP working in this election? Something is seriously amiss with this whole entire ordeal.
Alas, we don’t need to worry… the government has our backs…just like they have this election in their pockets!
Good luck out there folks!
Thanks for reading…
The Last American. ..lol.. JAK
 “We whispered the words, we whispered of Freedom, Democracy, and of our Republic being threatened by tyranny. We silently entrusted in the hopes of perseverance, diplomacy and in the wisdom of our forefathers. We witnessed the misfortunate dismantling of our bravery, of our glorified liberty, of our freedom. Will America fall to ruin in the haze of our whispering, and clouded skepticism? Even as tyranny is hoisted into the bright, shone upon our whispered aggravations and plagued unto our children’s children? Will we only whisper it into our graves?! Do Patriots whisper away such threats? Are Patriots meant to be muted fools? Why are we steadily observant, the silent watchers of the tyrannical, viewers of the degeneration of America, yet useless and weary from the unedified governance of our political leaders? In their dereliction of service to the people! In the encroachments upon our liberties! The overburdened, overpowered, evasive, bureaucracy of our governance! Why is it thus? Why do we whisper of the obvious? Why are we skeptical? Into the bright, shone upon our whispered aggravations, plagued onto the next, Tyranny! Tyranny! Tyranny! Why is it thus?”

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Ted Cruz with Neil Bush?

Cruz’s Biggest Mistake. 
Adding in a Bush? Failure to the extreme!

It might be possible that I jumped the gun in my opinion on Cruz. Well, looking at the facts of the matter, at least from the sources I’ve utilized, it’s not possible, it’s truly what I did.

After learning about Cruz adding Neil Bush to his financial team for his election, I immediately thought I was just being teased. “This can’t be true, can it?” That was my thought at the moment I read about it on Facebook.

Now after looking into everything, it became fact to me, and now I’m no longer supporting Cruz.



I feel that after you read the information yourself, you won’t be interested in standing behind him anymore either, which leads us to a real dilemma. Well, it leads me to a real dilemma, considering my feelings about the Bush regime and their actions during both the Senior and Junior years of the Bush administrations.

Who the hell do I vote for now?

If I was a lesser man, I’d jump on the Trump bandwagon without hesitation. The problem is, I don’t trust Trump.

Since I’m a Democrat, I’m surely not voting for the lame horses running on my side. Hillary and Bernie lost my vote the moment they had their first debate! Sorry, but it was too much. Akin to a battle at a local retirement home Bingo game, watching Bernie and Hillary duke it out was not at all worth my time. The, he said, she said, mud tossing on my side of the fence lost my vote before the first debate ended. Nothing of substance worth my time, and that really sucks! I really wanted to believe one of them would change my mind, but no. Not in the least!

That has nothing to do with Hillary’s email scam or Bernie’s socialist agenda, it was the total sum of their first debate that signified to me, that it would be a good idea to walk away.

Rubio lost me a while before, and I wouldn’t return to thinking about his run for Presidency if you paid me. Kasich? Not sure, but not really liking the way he talks. He sounds too mechanical. Too robotic, or perhaps, fake would sum up how I view Kasich.

So, who do I get behind?

Now, I have considered Trump before, at the start of his running, but he lost me as soon as I watched a few of his debates and interviews. I found Mitt’s attack on Trump to be well organized as a way to promote him to those of us who are against the establishment. As I wrote before, I see DT as a Trojan horse and I’m standing behind that assumption.

What gets me is, IF…IF…If Ted Cruz was really the “outsider” we wanted in a politician, he destroyed that without reservation when he willingly took in Neil Bush. His stance of being a protector of the Constitution just crumbled. How can he support the Constitution and take in a Bush to head his campaign’s financial objectives? That only distorts his image. Hell, to be honest, it destroyed my thoughts about the man in 2 nanoseconds.

If I could speak to Ted, which I know I can’t and most likely never could, but if I had a chance to say anything to him, I’d ask what the hell makes him think America wants to vote in a Bush? I don’t care if Neil is flipping burgers for the Ted Cruz volunteers at an after party, the moment you add in a Bush to the equation, I’m out. Period. Done. Over. Cya!

I wish I could be like some people and just pick up my toys and tuck my tail between my legs and proclaim that I’m not going to vote in this election. Unfortunately, that’s not who I am. My wife on the other hand doesn’t vote, and has no passion for politics or this election. If I could do anything, I’d join her.

The saddest part of this whole thing, the worst possible item of issue for me is, if it comes down to it, and Trump can’t polish off this tint of how I see him. I’ll take my vote and drop it on Hillary Clinton, but that jeopardizes the 2nd Amendment.

See, Cruz was at a point where he could have united both sides of the equation and won this election. Many Democrats like myself were fully committed to voting for Cruz, but you can’t have a Bush growing in your garden and expect belligerent white guys like me (lol) to ignore it and keep standing on your campaign’s soil.

I’ll say this, if Trump would just once, once, fully connect with the average everyday, hard working, family men, who want someone to defend our rights and stand up for the wee little folk, I’d give Trump a chance, I really would. I mean, If he put on a realtree suit and jumped in the back of a pickup truck to go trail riding, heehaw, I’m in, but that…lol…isn’t what’s going to happen. More like a Polo short and a golf cart is what I’d expect. Take that as it was intended, or find the humor in it. Either way…
What do we do now America?
Toss a fricken coin?

Trump’s biggest mistake? As I was asked in an email from a reader… from a true business respective… putting his name on every damn thing he has out there. You create a brand, you don’t impression yourself on everything you sell. I mean, name your steaks….oh idk… TOP TENDER STEAKS…or something…lol…hell if they were all that, I would’ve freaking heard about them before the other night?! As my profession is in the Culinary arts…lol…

Yeah so where was I?

Heads or tails?

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