Saturday, January 21, 2017

Give the Trump a Chance

Trump finally makes it to the Oval Office and moves into the White House, now what? Oh yeah, Greatness….I almost forgot.

Well fellow Americans, January 20th, 2017 has finally come and gone. Donald Trump is now our new president and just like every new president before him, a thousand promises were made to place him in that position and now we wait to see if he will follow through with his promises or fault on them. Just as we have with every single president we’ve voted in since George Washington. Obama promised change. Bush promised growth, Washington promised better wigs…etc. etc. etc. Only Trump promised to make America great again….

Unfortunately, I don’t believe America wasn’t great to begin with. I know we had a rough go of it for a while, at least the middle-class and lower-class did and still is anyways, but America will and always has been, the greatest country in the world. Trump can’t take credit for that….or can he? I hope not, but maybe he can make what is great even greater? I hope so. In that aspect, I’m willing to give Trump the chance. If he can truly make America greater, then I’m game. Go for it DT! You can dooo it!!!!

But yet, one must ponder on the question, what will he do to make us greater?
Look, whether you like the guy or like myself, dislike the guy at present, I want what’s best for America, and for the people of America, above all else. If that means making what I perceive as the biggest asshat in human history as our president, then so be it if that’s what it takes. Maybe someday down the line I’ll post a complete reversal of opinion on his character and love the guy, but atm….eh…nsm, not so much at all. Why can he not win my admiration? I never liked him before he became even a thought of a future presidential hopeful. I watched his show perhaps a dozen times, unfaithfully, and felt honestly that he was horrible as a business man, and I saw goodness as a crudely unsustainable characteristic in himself…errrrr….his overall demeanor was strangely disturbing to me, in other words.

One thing you must understand, the effects of a President’s actions and orders can take years after their departure to come to fruition. Things Obama did during his terms, will show its effects during Trump’s term. Just like George Bush’s military blunders and money burning during his terms caused problems during Obama’s terms. Or like B.Clinton’s actions shined during GWB Jr’s terms.

My belief is simple, you can cut the head off the snake and replace it with another head (as with every election), but it’s still the same damn snake from the neck down…and it takes years longer than the terms of time allotted for a president, to see the true effects of his presidency take place, and thus, change the snake. Then, we start again with another new head and the process repeats. Trump on the other hand seems at the ready to bypass this and speed along desired changes. Fluidity in functionality on a direct result basis, is not how it works.

Just replacing one man for another, seems to have done very little for us as a whole over the years. How much can a president really do for the good of our country, when doing what’s bad for us seems to be so instantaneous? I mean War could start tomorrow, but changing the misfortunes and making changes for the betterment of the struggling masses yearning to breath free, takes years.

Honestly, there is nothing that Trump can really do to change America and make it “great” again quickly, in the same speed of business, unless he writes his own laws, and changes the rules. Something he has already been making headway with, as nepotism rules apparently don’t apply and ignoring CIA warnings are below him as well. I’m sure he can push through a few fast acting changes, but the effects will not fully proof until later.

See, here’s the thing. Trump has never held office before, he’s never been a political facet or what I would consider a “Worldly Leader”, which to some of us is a good thing. It makes him an “outsider”. Well judging by his gala guest list and the appointments he made for his cabinet, he’s definitely never been an “outsider”. How can an outsider make such insider choices? Tell me, how is it that every head of office he appointed is so well connected? If he truly was or is an outsider? Better yet, how can a man so well un-entrenched in the establishment, ever appoint such establishment entrenched appointees? I hope I made that question clearly understandable!? 😕 Just saying….lol

He’s run a multifaceted business, with only subpar success in some areas and somewhat questionable success in others. Hell, he made more money in his TV show then he ever made with his businesses. My opinion anyways…

The thing is, people constantly try to envelope Donald’s business abilities with running this country as a “same thing” scenario. The problem is, in business you can make changes quickly, almost effortlessly with just a single command. “I want everything that’s red painted orange.” OK done. Now in the office of the white house, you could say the same thing, and it will happen, but it will take running the gauntlet of bureaucracy and red tape to get things done, it’s not a simple flip of the switch and a command, it’s time, effort, and patience. Does DT have that ability?

He has already placed American interests in Europe and NATO at risk instantaneously, and he also started waves with foreign leaderships across all the ponds, instantaneously. He will, without a doubt, maybe, guessing here….but,  I think he will start a nonaggression pact as soon as he can with Russia and China, in order to pull the US out of harms way in their endeavors.

He’s not going to make America great again by changing circumstances or addressing problems internally in America, instead it seems, he’s benching this country’s so-called outside obligations and looking the other way to create financial reform derived from centralizing capital. Which in return, he will burn bridges and friendships America has had since the dawn of time in order to build up a surplus of monies meant for holding down communism’s rise overseas. It will take that kind of isolationism in order to make us great again. In that sense, his business guile comes in handy. If your landing in the red ink due to obligations outside of the parent company overseas, you might cut off the foreign branches to get back into the black ink back home….no?

The whole “America First” slogan thingy Trump is taking direction with was first started before America joined WWII by a man who somewhat idolized Hitler…(just history stuff, not bringing up old Adolf for any other reason.*1) Honestly though, that slogan was first used when America was at the precipice of going to war in the big number 2 and then well into big number 2…. (An isolationist’s slogan found painted on a US WW2 tank with a German tank round shot through it, seen in a Ken Burns film about the battle of the bulge, The Ghost Front….ironically Trump’s new slogan?…uuugh)

Trump made his inauguration speech prophetic to the tune that his presidency was a win for all of us, weaker, hardworking, poverty to middle-class Americans. Stating that the establishment had their time, and now it’s our time. (The struggling people of America. *2) ( Ummm….really? Did you see the guest list for his gala?) Yeah, I didn’t see any blue collar, time clock punching people on that list, did you? I mean, most if not all of his guests wore fur coats and arrived by limousines that they owned, not rented. Just like every Bush inauguration. Boy I miss Bill Clinton, he opened the white house and shook hands with anyone willing to wait in line…Trump opened the wet bar and got his ass kissed by the richest of the rich who are very much just like him….Trump is who he is…isn’t he? I respect that, and expected that, but I wonder how much of “our time” was on his mind that night? I also wonder how many of those establishment types that attended his gala thought it was “our time” as they filtered through the front doors?

The bottom line is, I don’t trust Trump. I think he’s a fraudulent mistake, and yet….I’m willing…well…not willing, but fastidiously waiting to see what he can actually bring to the table, and what he has up his sleeves. In other words, I don’t believe in him, I doubt his motives, his honesty and his character. But….what can we do folks? Wait and watch, and pray…? Pretty much. Nothing new there.

I’m just empathetic and suspicious towards his endowment of being President. I feel nervous about placing America’s future in Donald Trump’s hands. It’s hard to feel comfortable with the idea that the same man who tried to copyright the words, “Your Fired!” is now in control of this country. I find him incredibly difficult to trust , unceasingly disrespectful, unpredictable, unevenly tempered and grossly weak and lacking in character of what I would think of as a man, who should be in control of the most powerful country in the world.

Just sayin …
Hoping for the best….
Peace out homes

*1. I’m not a Hitler supporter.
*2. Working-class Americans who struggled during the recession and currently.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Blackmailed Presidency?

Has Russia’s Lord of the rings, Vladimir Putin,  just weasel in the biggest attack on America? And is Trump gutless?

Ponder upon this tidbit of conspiracy theory, a tall tail of a pipe dream….. but if true…..Russia just tipped the scales.

What if Russia does have Trump on film doing god knows whatever? (Think about it for a moment)

How much of an issue is that?? Well, look at his choices of staff. How much of a Russian influence do you see in his choices? (Think about it for a moment.)

Now…What if….By using the dirty video footage as blackmail, Russia forced Trump to align his cabinet choices for Russian espionage?

We may have possibly witnessed one the most complex hostile internal takeovers ever devised. What if, right now, Putin has snuck in his components for an attack on America from within? (Think about it for a process the interception of Russian celebrations after his win?)

Now consider this….

Would you be surprised if it was all true? What if Russia helped get Trump in, then twisted his arm by divulging they had him on video participating in some crude sexual act?

Would Trump’s pride be more important than American security? What if he was too fearful of it leaking out, and everything he’s done, so far, has been done under the command of a blackmailed man?

Think about it. ….

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump Commentary

Predictions and extremely drawn-out, ruthless comments, and uninventive rhetoric: On Donald Trump as President….

The “complexity” of Donald Trump sitting in the Oval Office, makes for a daunting task when it comes to making any form of prediction. So far, old Donald Trump has proven to be extremely difficult to predict. Not that I’m clairvoyant or accurate in my predictions. Let’s face it, I’m just writing this post in the attempt to voice my opinion. I’m not sure if I’ll get 20 views in a years time after posting this, so, yeah, not really all that concerned about my predictive powers, telepathic powers on the other hand would be cool, but yeah…anyways….

He also falls extremely short in the department of consistency, not to mention lately in his appeal and honorability. No… I’m not going to indulge myself on the platter of crap mounting up behind him as his wake pushes onward into stupidity, as I could easily engorge myself on the plethora of material, and my god, the temptation is there, but I won’t wade off into that quagmire too awfully deeply, I promise. Sorry. His likeability is a whole other issue beyond discussion here. I’m not too sure what the textual character limit is on blogger, but I’m sure if there is a limit, we’d reach it on just a time line of trump blunders.

I will say this though…

What the hell did we think we were doing, when we elected this $#@&% as our president? Alas, I digress…what more can I add here? Enough said…. Well… no…. I’m not done yet….almost though, almost. (I didn’t vote for him…btw) ☺

His appeal and what not, isn’t really the issue, other than it reflects on who he is as a person, and who we are as a nation. Again, that’s a whole other issue.

Lets explore where he’s been consistent. 1. Back paddling. 2. Gross immaturity for a man his age. 3. His character? 4. His capacity for ruthlessly blaming the media for lying about him, when it’s spotlighting truthfulness. 5. Creating his own self imploding presidency?

Look, I really don’t like the man at the moment, and there are tons of reasons for that going on right now. I’m far from alone. Lot’s of people, even republicans I know who voted him in, are also looking at his hot headed mentality, and overall truthful demeanor and wondering, what the fuck did we just do? That opinion is predictively becoming pretty consistent, but everything else is a guess at most when it comes to his next steps as president. Which was the point of this post….predictions…

 Predictions….ahhh yes….predictions….

It’s incredibly difficult to judge what his plans are or in which direction he might go on anything of importance. Yet, judging by his actions, his comments, and his overall persona, one can assume, America might find itself looking back at Obama’s legacy and thinking maybe things weren’t so bad after all. Then again, who knows. I can only predict that he’s one awkward, self absorbed, SOB, with a tendency to act the part. That’s not a prediction though, or is it? I guess it all depends on what kind of looking glass your viewing Trump with. A kaleidoscope or a pair of rose colored Republican Lennon sunglasses….me I’m wearing nothing on my eyeballs…I like seeing things clearly.

Soooooo…… Trumpty Dumpty made fun of a disabled reporter?! So what!
Well….actually, I have a “so what”….it’s a shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable act, done by a man we’ve elected to represent our country as its leader, that’s a pretty big fucking “so what”. An act such as his “funning” of a disabled person, in itself, tends to show us what kind of man Donald Trump really is, on the inside. Golden showers make you a sadomasochist, by design, no?  Yet, we elected the biggest “looser” calling asshat ever derived by a pair of mating humans as our next president??? Says a lot for our country. Welcome to America….where you can be a crack head and mayor of our nation’s capital, twice…and apparently a sadomasochist can also become president ?!?! Sweet….lol….I mean, WOW…really…lol

The “I’m better than you, rot in hell” Trump mentality, only casts a predictive sense of failure on his coming single tenure as acting president. Ha! See that? I made a fucking prediction! Yeah, I don’t see a second one coming along after this display. He hasn’t even had the tour of the white house yet, and already, he’s taking advantage of his authority…. Yeah the whole son-in-law thing. Nepotism anyone? I wonder how far he’ll try to go with that law bending? Anyways….it’s not like different rulers from other countries throughout history didn’t do the same. I mean, Hitler ignored, lied, and rewrote the laws of his country to suite his needs as soon as he had the power to do so. The enabling act? Anyone?

No…I’m not comparing Hitler to Trump, or anything, I swear! But throughout history, strong last names adorn by powerful people, tend to become problematic. Napoleon? Stalin? Hitler? Fredrick? Orville Redenbacher? Putin? Trump??

Let’s look at current events….shall we?

The “super expensive”, overfunded “Ethics Committee” is being gutted? Hmmmm…. Nothing tells me anything good is coming from this move.

When you remove oversight committees or ethical supervision committees, from a crowd of unethical wealth driven leadership, it only means one thing. Someone has plans to be unethical. Well, not someone, singularly, but someone as in the whole family of degenerative asshats who now control the house.

If the first thing the Republican party looks to do, is to remove ethical supervision, then one can guess that the Republican party is looking to get back to what they do best, making themselves wealthy and raking the people of this country over the coals for better financial gains.

So….. I predict that the first year with Donald Trump and the Republican party in control, will be a year of selfishness and wealth creation, with very few actual perks directed towards the people who elected them in.

America can look forward to watching our Republican leadership make all kinds of deals and moves that will line their pockets. I promise, America will be turned upside-down in the first year with promises of reform, only we will get the typical republican reach around while we’re getting screwed. Obligations and ethics will go out the window, and we will see horrible things happen as far as wealth creation and unethical policy changes….maybe….not sure really. Guessing.

Alas, you could expect the same from the democratic party too, if they managed to get back in power, like not too long ago, but it’s the Republicans who are more candid and open about their true endeavors. I mean, shit…they will rape our country openly and gleefully, right in front of us by making sure every loophole and avenue of wealth creation works in their favor, and doing it all under the guise of “for the greater good” & “job creations”….pay close attention to what gets pushed through the golden gates of Congress in the first year with DT in the big house. Congressional pay raise anyone? Naw…..they wouldn’t….would they?

Things like the health bill act “reforms” that will be geared towards greater health-care cost generation for turning around shrinking stocks in medical related markets, and by removing the “stranglehold” on businesses, and employees locked into Obama care, by reverting back to healthcare before Obama care, without the perks. See, it’s my belief that stockholders, special interest groups, and corporations hold the reins of our congress, which means, judging by the way a republican controlled congress has been known to function, Obama care, or the affordable care act…key word….”affordable”, will be replaced with the  “Your going to pay out your ass for care act”…

The whole lobbyist lockout order from Trump….why 5 years, why not abolish lobbying all together? Meanwhile, anyone else can represent a lobbying group, be it for businesses or corporations and that order doesn’t stop anyone from consulting for a lobbyist group either, does it?

Other predictions?

Deforestation and stealing away public lands, and all under the title of “job creationism”, typical mumbo jumbo shit we can expect, nothing new. After all, if you want to preserve lands for our future generations, you’re a tree hugger. Lol…
Now here’s where my predictions get a wee bit more stranger. I predict that with DT’s hot headed demeanor, we will fall into a foreign conflict or two right off the bat. First in Poland, then the Asian Pacific regions, perhaps the Philippines first, then furthermore with North Korea. NATO will help drag America into something soon…maybe….

I also think that Russia will heat things up in the Ukraine as well, while flammability remains in the middle east, thus placing hot headed Trump in a situation where subtleties are not his strong point. Then his next step will be playing military chess with anyone who goes against US intervention, in which case you can assume his actions will build up and lead us into long conflicts on many fronts. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong on this one, but the only consistency Trump has displayed so far has been his inability to take no for an answer. So if we had a conflict heating up, how do you think he would handle it? Hmmmmm? ( I left out issues with China and the recent 3,400 US Troops being deploying to Poland….just to give us hope…lol)

See, I think Russia wants their pipelines to run into Europe so badly, that they are hoping America will be too overly committed on rebuilding relationships with Asia, fighting North Korea and too deeply involved with the middle east to stop Russia from advancing on Ukrainian Poland desires. That’s my thought anyways. Poland always seems to be a war magnet, who the hell wants to live in Poland anyways? Better yet, did the Polish military finally get rid of the lances and horses? I mean. They have a military, right? This time?


Before I close, I wanted to run something by my readers….

If there is a dirty video of DT doing nasty stuff and playing golden shower god…wait…let me restart….IF…if the media is to blame for Donald Trump’s misfortunes, rhetoric, and character, then who do we blame for downplaying it all? I mean, Shawn Hannity…(Retardican Media Puppet*)…if Hannity thinks the media is to blame for all of Donald Trump’s fuck ups, then who is truly responsible for delivering the spot light on his fuck ups? What I’m trying to get across is this….pay very close attention to who tries to smooth it all over in the media and who is bringing it to the surface. Those in the media that downplay Donald Trump’s actions, are the media outlets you need to stay away from. When some douchebag (like Hannity) tries to downplay Trump’s fuck ups, and stands behind him blaming the media, and the exiting administration for Trump’s bad misfortunes, it’s time to get away from those douchebags. I mean, shit….let’s be honest. Trump is turning out to be America’s biggest mistake, problem, and issue since Ted Kennedy…lol…no but really….who is to blame here? Everyone besides Donald Trump, or Donald Trump? If you think the Media is to blame, or anyone besides Donald Trump…then please leave my page and never come back…lol…seriously though…who is to blame for Trump’s fuck ups? Matt Lawler? Dan Rather? Or Donald fucking Trump?

Meryl Streep’s Golden Globe speech? Streep said basically that Trump's attack on the New York Times reporter legitimized bullying. My take… She’s right… I mean… consciously, in every American , there has to be that little voice saying, “Boy, ya know…she’s right! I mean, what more needs to said, this is the guy we have for a president.” Well, maybe not that same exact little voice, but we are hearing something like “wtf” going off in the recesses of our gray matter, aren’t we? Being a Hillary Clinton lover, or a Trump lover doesn’t matter at this point, does it? We’re all thinking the same thing…. More or less, and more power to Streep for speaking out…over rated actress or not…lol…she’s right!

I’m particularly focused on the way things are heating up in the world, especially against the favor of American interests. Pay attention to the next few weeks from now. Let’s see how welcoming the world is to our new commander in chief. Alas, let’s see how welcoming he makes the world feel….better yet…let’s see his golden shower sex tape surface and watch how the world reacts then…because honestly…Trump isn’t getting any better at anything, besides for blaming everyone for everything he’s done wrong…making that the most openly apparent, consistent, predictive thing he knows how to do, better than anything else.

💰 Thanks for reading….

*Any one of the radio talk show hosts that regurgitate republican brainwashing. The four horsemen of the Republican radio media propaganda. Rush, Hannity, Mark, Beck...

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bathroom Laws are for Idiots

North Carolina and Texas take a stand on the toilet issue, mightily interesting, no? Also…. One guy (me) tells these gender blender toilet heads what he thinks about the whole ordeal.

I would assume that our two states are making some kind of vetoing, inapplicable, gender law abolishment against the gender bender bathroom rules….yawn….no no, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad NC and TX are standing up to big brother over the issue, I’m just sickened by the fact this whole toilet issue is so f**king important at this time in America.. Then again, we know what the real issue is…. Right?

Christianity and the amount of state powers over federal powers with the way this law was created and is being devised without the Christian touch? Maybe.

Gay marriage…sexual individuality….feeling like a man or woman, feelings and sexual identity? God knows who is who, and bathroom signs pertain to the person using it, by identifying yourself as a man or a woman? Right?

Well that’s how it’s been, since the dawn of community shitting, you use the god damn bathroom that belongs to the gender of who you are.

And….What about those of us normal people who know that if you have a penis, you belong in the bathroom with a guy sign on the door….I don’t care if you have a penis but also like penises, and feel womanly….use the fucking bathroom that corresponds with what you have for sexual genitalia. Right?

Wrong…. There’s the problem, some guys have their wanker removed and replaced with an artistically designed vagina. Ok, cool…then if you have vajayjay, no matter if it’s sculpted out of some extra ass meat, or your born with it, use the John that corresponds with what your packing. Deal?

Oh no, see there’s some homo asshole out there who hasn’t had his wanker removed yet, and feels like a woman….maybe he got some breast implants, maybe he wears makeup, dresses like a woman, and maybe has a straight boyfriend…or something…idfk…well you still have a dick, right? Sure you look like Cindy Crawford…kinda….but you have a dick where Cindy Crawford has a vagina….use the men’s room then…stop crying like a bitch, and feeling insecure….use the fucking shitter that relates to what you have under your dress….ffs!

I respect Texas for trudging into the issue as NC has. There has to be other states out there fighting for the same things we are. Isn’t there?

Alas….judging by the threatening rhetorical responses from places like New York, and other states, to take the stand, that TX and NC is currently taking, is a very bold and risky move. With damages being promised from NY by the means of strangling state to state department spending, and pushing for zero state to state employee spending, amongst other interstate sanctions that these states seemingly are capable of executing against NC and TX, the move to stand against the bathroom bs is very risky, but evidently necessary to uphold our own state’s Christian values.

Unfortunately, like the Gay marriage laws, these states will eventually fall in line behind the law, either by the event of enforcement or just the weathering of time and office holders coming or going, eventually the transgender shitter law will become part of the TX and NC landscape. Just watch and wait.

But until then…. Stfu…use the right damn bathroom, and keep your feelings to yourself…because personally…idgas….

Rub-a-dub-dub….thanks for reading…

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Is Donald Trump Safe?

All joking aside, is Trump safe for America?

As normal, I toss my humorous self into the question and the answer, but still…is Donald Trump really safe for our country? A question not easily, or honestly answered, nor honestly asked. So let’s first look at the honest present situation in America:

(SITREP 2017) North Korea shows some ass and its desires for a US lead ICBM intervention program. Russia chokes out the US in the sands of the middle east. China shows us real Asian-Pacific surveillance submarine love, and the Philippines take a left intended for China…Israel casts down some of its NATO allies, European Union relations…. Greece, Germany, Italy, refugees, and Palestine.

Oh My….what’s next? Trump in office anyone? Yay….worldwide problem solution implementation, please proceed! Insert the Trump card and Wango bango, we’re great again! Right?


The demands of our current situation in America, both domestically and internationally may be already well too overbearing for the new US President Elect, especially for his first (soon to come) few weeks as acting President. That’s if your being honest with yourself about the quickly changing developments in US relations abroad, and who we (with possible Russian help) placed in power.

Not to mention the ever dramatic transformations taking place in our international-inter-diplomatic geopolitical agendas overseas, where our allies are turning away from US intervention and influences, and turning towards our greatest cold war enemies, like Ol’China and Russia for instance, who are rearranging the map of American diplomatic relations all across the board, and things are already (and have been for a while now, duh) well spinning out of control in the middle east.

Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya…Russian influences in the sands of our middle eastern interests, Chinese influence in our Asian Pacific interests, Israeli settlement augmentation, NATO Jewish diplomacy, Obama’mama Healthcare Reform, Constitutional conservationism, Republicanism over diplomacy…oh my ….  Trump can handle it all, right? Sure he can. So far he’s proven he’s super level-headed and consistent with his approach on subject matters. Right?


I mean, a psychological profile on Trump should be released very soon (joking) showing that his ability to shrug off disappointment, handle being disrespected, and not be easily influenced, is divinely anointed upon his glorious self by the grace of God…that’s if he allows for God to take any credit for anything, and that is if you believe that tall walls will save us and the Pope. (After all….the Vatican City walls and the possible Mexican border walls…are all the same…right?)

I’m sure that the psychological report will also show that he’s not at all highly susceptible to flattery or that he’s not so masochistically charged with being in a constant head-on, fully in control behavioral pattern. A behavior not derived at all from a long wealthy life of selfish entitlement and the egotistical spoils of such a life. Ergo, his egotistical, anti-nobodyisbetterthanatrump divide, racially formidable, wealth driven, angry white guy persuasion, that got him elected, surely will lead us into a better place of greatness in America and abroad. Surely.

Honestly though, ask yourself….

Will the current status quo be too much for old Donald Trump?

Can Trump handle being the man in charge of the future of our country?
Better yet, are we truly prepared for him to lead us?

Are we prepared for him to be in charge of our country? (Too late….already happening)

Answer these questions honestly, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. No….we and the world are not prepared for the Donald…because so far he’s proven only one thing…to me anyways…we made a mistake somewhere along the way to this point, and somehow elected the biggest asshat ever derived from an election process, into office.

And…..“We voted in this asshat because??”
(A. We had no better option?
(B. We had no better option?
(C. Ben Carson turned into a pussy and we had no better option.
(D. Hillary Clinton

We had no better option, and forgo, now….for better or worse, we have Trump. Tada! I’m not blaming anyone, we really had no better option. One asshat for another, or Trump the supreme asshat of them all. I guess Trump is the lesser of all evils….maybe…maybe not…

Possibly an even greater question is, was Trump really a real winner in our election, or Putin’s newest puppet by cyberspace meddling? All jokes aside, is he taking the seriousness of Russia’s meddling seriously or is he more “intelligent” than our “intelligence” office, errr department? Hmmmm….

Another scary thought, but with his twittering and powerful statements of uncompromising rhetoric, is he capable of running this country, safely…. and with intelligence, on his own accord?

My answer is thus, and incredibly difficult to digest for any Trumpet, but my opinion simply is…. Trump makes me nervous. His “quick to respond” actions on issues as they pop up, looks good on paper, but are his responses articulate and well placed? No. He seems dangerous. Plain and simple. Trump is dangerous. Dangerously dangerous. Evidently by the evidence in place, he is more threatening to the US than our enemies ever could be.


His ability at creating mole hills into mountains, as such the “Trump Legacy” of his demeanor, overreacting on sublime rhetoric….is dangerous that’s why.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m unsure if he is or isn’t about to totally screw things up or not….possibly much worse than the last 8 years, then again possibly not, but he’s a danger nonetheless, to the American people and our men and women at arms. And - Why do I say that?

He seemingly seems more and more like someone completely about to spin himself out of control. Self destructing, in huge, slow, deep, back paddling waves of abrupt irresponsible responses seems to be the course. From his instantaneous self-willed self entitled accreditations, to his witless empathetic disconnect and his militaristic supremacism drive. (Not to be misconstrued with his promise to make America great again or anything.)

As if this is his best yet to come?! Example A... Making fun of the CIA’s assessment of Russian meddling in our election process. “Intelligent”, eh? Back paddling on most of his instantaneous spontaneous reactions? (Yet….this is what we have come to expect from him thus far, supernatural, super fun, woo-hoo, I’m never wrong, I’m Donald motherfucking Trump, motherfuckers!! I don’t need the CIA! Wooo baby, yeah!)
The Austin Powers of Presidents…glittering disco balls, hot tub jacuzzis, smoke machines and Mr. Trump… the extraordinaire…old Mr. Neverwrong at the helm!

A bubble covered disco dancefloor, mirrors and razorblades, the Columbian cartel pipeline….Trump doing cocaine lines on the Oval Office desk and DT Jr sneaking in hookers….fun times at the white house….soon to come…John Travolta dancing with Ivanka doing the pulp fiction disco….these things I imagine would never happen…but then again, I can easily entertain the possibility.

It only leaves me wondering, what’s next to come? War? Peace? Growth? Self-destruction? Hard to tell. If we have any expectations of decisiveness from Trump so far, it could go either way, but he only seems capable of running his mouth off at the hinges, and slowing way down on actual intelligent answers. His deliverance of actual steps in finding solutions towards current issues has yet to come. Which is scary….simply because he reminds me of someone who jumps way too far ahead on issues before getting all the facts, a sort of poker player who likes to fake a “trump” at the table. A guy who let’s you think it’s all under wraps, until he shows an empty hand, and then blames the dealer. As with his blaming of the media on his own twittering twitter account posts, the self-made twittering tweet on twitter about the “intelligence” of his soon to be greatest resource of intelligence….uuugh….the CIA…in which case he blamed the media for his own twittering tryst! This, an example of things to come? A blame passing passer perhaps? A twittering twit for Prez? Amazingly…yes….it’s what I imagine is about to come.

Just the type we need in office. Jump first, ask questions later, after you blame everyone else around you and the twitter app. Perfect!

Weeeee….and he will have his hands and twittering trigger finger on the nuclear football every president gets to play god with, and his fat twittering twitter fingers on our 7000 plus (more to come) nuclear weapons arsenal, of our economically twittering country? Sweet! Highly comforting!

2017-2019 will surely be the most interesting last few teen years of the 2000s.
Hopefully you’re a prepper, and already prepared for Trump’s idea of making America great again….What’s in your survival bag? Nuclear proof underwear? Russian cloaking formal wear? Adidas jump suits? Chinese intervention handbooks on American policy demonization and a tour book on begotten Japanese islands of Chinese interests? Tutorials on strategic man made Islands and airbase creation, using sand pumps and steamrollers? Yes, you should consider brushing up on your Mandarin Chinese and Russian language comprehension….that might be a handy vocabulary to have in the next few weeks, months (possibly years) to come.

Truth be told, Russian relations could possibly improve with Trump in office, and who knows, maybe Trump can turn the whole country around. Maybe my fear mongering is inappropriately felt. Maybe China is our greatest ally. Then again, perhaps my viewpoint is dead on accurate. Perhaps. I mean it wouldn’t be the first time I was semi correct on a subject. I mean, hell, who knows. Maybe Trump can make America great again, or as with the butterfly effect in politics, the complete opposite of the terminology of the word “Great” could come to be, which would be to some of us, snafu, or fubar, or not so great, depending of your idea of what the opposite of the word great might be. Shit? Crap? Holy fucking Shit? Holy crap? Holy Fucking fuck nuggets of pain!? Holy freaking fucking penis legged fuck toads!? (Things I say when I stub a toe on my chair leg) However you view the opposite of great to be, so it could become under DT.

Therein lies the problem. We can expect only one thing or the other. Things might get way, way, way fucking better, or far, far, far fucking worse. With Trump holding the reins, who the fuck really knows, and that’s that, sit booboo sit! Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub, …..Amen.

Let’s wait and see what happens next, shall we? Not as if we have any other choice, or anything….duh!

Thanks for reading…

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

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