Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Tyranny of the Government

How can "We the People" stand under such a title and not stand together?

I'm willing to bet that more than 70% of those who voted for Donald Trump are currently hiding in a closet somewhere. It's ok, I forgive you. 

What bothers me is that 30% of the left overs who still cling to the very problem that led us here. If you still feel justified standing up for Trump, you must have serious problems with reality. 

You can't deny the reality. There's obvious issues with the new President elect, and some of those issues are extremely serious. 

Though undoubtedly, what we are being told and what really is going on behind closed doors, will be two different things, come the finality of the FBI probe. That's if the President doesn't get it stopped beforehand. 

Thus what I fear is simply this, true tyrannical rule. A President who is fearful of any ongoing investigation into himself, would do what he's done. Attempting to derail it by upending it, is a tell tail clue of his possible guilt. Is it not?

If we the people fail to recognize the tyrannical workings within our government, we lost. If we recognize it and do nothing, we not only lost, but we are providing the path where the governing body over rules the people. 

That's the fear I fear...

We The People of the United States, failing to confront the obviousness of it all and doing nothing but digging preemptive trenches in the field of conversation. By standing under labels of division....while tyranny continues forward without the hindrance of the people pulling on their leashes, we will fail.

God bless.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Syrian War Now Trump's Game

1. A Few Things of Importance in the headlines and stuff.
Plus a new video from the Author.

2. The Senate’s Request to Preserve Russian “Flynn Gate” Evidence.
3. Why Obama Preserved the Initial Evidence of Russia & Trump dealings.
4. A Question Nobody has the Constitutional Fortifications to Ask…Just how deep does our Russian Trump rabbit hole go?
5. The War of Lies and the Russian Chinese Threat.
6. Jeff Sessions on his way out?
7. Israel and Trump, the skid marks of true Diplomacy.
8. I have no idea why I’ve numerated these things, but….
9. Anything in the news that’s NOT about Trump?

Ok, so I’ve come to the conclusion that my faithful 57 +Google readers are NSA agents, or English teachers using me to teach high school students the importance of getting a good education and staying in school. One or the other…☺...The point is, nobody reads this stuff. Minus you, (whomever you are), and myself, I might get 2 or three readers a week. This is not a complaint though. Coming to this conclusion has only made me feel more comfortable with my writing.

See…. If I had thousands or millions of readers, I’d be so self-consciously aware of the idea that people will actually be reading my rubbish, that I’d become less candid and less opinionated. Thus, popularity is not a concern, as I’d rather have the slender 57 readers than 57 million and as many in trolls. Although, it would be cool to see one of my articles become popular, but I have no delusions of grandeur, and write purely for my enjoyment anyways. I’m sure of this though….if you made it this far, I owe you a thank you.

Anyways, so…where was I? Oh yeah! IOU a Thank you.

Thank you for reading…ttyl…back to task…

Trump probe? OK so where was the CIA and the Senate before he was elected? Well, I imagine it would be utterly irresponsible if the CIA didn’t do an initial investigation into Trump or anyone else when you register for running for President or any other higher-end government head position. So, I agree there should be a probe, because there should have already been one anyways. Only now its a deep Trump/Russia X-ray. A sort of gamma Z ray, trillion lumens of light emitting, unbiased, 200 mile super probe.

HELL…. I wanna know how many freckles Putin has on his ass and why Trump’s office picks are all wrapped up in Russian whisperings. Well not a real count on all of Putin’s ass freckles, but you get the idea. Probe deep prober probes….probe deep!

America isn’t stupid. We know better. Russian Sanction talk was on the table, Flynn didn’t do anything wrong but get caught, and like in the mob, they offed him. Well, not like that, but yeah, adios. I also have my doubts as to whether or not Trump fired him as much as the CIA recommended him replaced.

I also doubt the idea that Pence wasn’t in the loop. I have a strange feeling Trump and Pence talk, it’s strange they wouldn’t. I mean, honestly it all seems awash with smoke and mirrors. How does an administration admit to such an uneven flow of vital information so gleefully, admittedly, and openly….why wouldn’t Flynn’s situation not be shared with Pence? The white house telling the media, “Flynn’s Russian inquiries were not shared with the VP?” Pence was not aware of Flynn’s activities? (Why so quickly share this “Pence was out of the loop” information?)

What’s the point of white washing Pence? Trump’s presidency on the line?

Hmmmm…..? Possibly true, if treasonous information is erected from Trump’s dealings with Russia. Who’s to say just how deep the Russian shit cake goes. I feel perhaps the CIA knew and wanted to flush all the birds from the grass, just to see the threads link…just saying.

What if Flynn hadn’t been caught? Well…hmmmm….He’d still be in the chair driving the bus for Trump. Duh…I mean…. Guaranteed. Trump knew, knows and is now under the magnifying glass…  hypothetically speaking…guessing here…but yeah… I think he knew. Maybe…lol…I have no real idea….just thinking out loud folks, just thinking out loud. But to find out I was correct later, would not be surprising, would it?

It will play out the same for Sessions as its playing out for Flynn, eventually….let’s be honest here, is it me, or has almost every appointee Trump made, seemingly involved with Russia?

The Flynn/Sessions/Trump gate probe, as I’m calling it, might go deeper and provide more evidence into a Russian link with Trump. Which, in my opinion, may be more than we want to uncover as a people. I don’t believe that we are capable of handling a retraction in our presidential election. I have doubts that “we the people” will agree as a whole for a reelection.

As to how we would handle a incident of espionage in our election process, that worries me…..and It may uncover things we don’t want to know. It may link people to Flynn we haven’t heard from and well into the white house and I believe possibly right to what I’m pre-naming the “Sovietrump Gate” wait…OK no…”Trumputinski Gate”??? Trump gate will probably be it, and I can’t take credit for that naming…bummer….or can I?? Hmmmm…just like Trump wanted his “self made” slogan “You’re Fired!” copyrighted, I’m proclaiming “Trump Gate” as my own.

Date…ummm…02.28.17…I, the author of this page created the name * #TrumpGate * for the possible Trump/Russia probe. Any use thereof and henceforth from the date of  02.28.2017 the words “Trump Gate”, is copyrighted by the author of and can not be used without the authors consent. The permission to use “Trump Gate” must be obtained only by contacting the author of this site, please have a credit card handy, thank you. ☺

Seriously though, when the Senate asks for the preservation of material in one probe, it means more probes will follow. That is one of those “unavoidable outcomes”, as there will be threads linking Flynn to “other” people, and knowing that Obama processed the initial evidence and made sure to preserve it, thus, and with that knowledge, Trump will need the luck of the Irish to escape the unavoidable outcome ahead. That being, explaining himself, and taking responsibility for his actions. Unless of course Trump and his media propaganda machines demonize Obama’s intentions. Which is exactly what is happening.

Instead of this being a patriotic action by Obama, it’s being turned into a demonized democratic conspiracy, a ridiculous witch hunt, and spun into a lie, and fake news. That’s where Trump is taking it. Downplaying everything, and with sideshow eruptions for distractions, Trump keeps the media pool boiling with fresh bullshit. Bring up Russia, release tax records….probe? Tiller the Hun makes North Korea imminent. Hit Syria.

As Sessions seems to be in the frying pan too, already…. Even recusing himself from the Trump gate investigation and openly admitting he met with a Russian Ambassador about the sanctions.  Unsurprisingly. Trump seems quieted by all the loose ends coming unraveled. Nones, Nunez, what the hell is that guys name? Nunes? Yeah him, I mean there’s so much linking Trump to Russia. Why hide it?

One question though……

Let’s be honest here. Why did they give Flynn a week to surrender his emails? That’s dumb, I’m sure Russia can help delete the messages, so why wait a week? Let’s send in Seal Team 6 and recover Flynn’s hard drive! Wait, isn’t his office in America? Duh, hell then…shouldn’t the CIA be waiting for him at home when he gets back, I mean seriously, why wait. Why give Flynn a week? What’s the point here? To allow time for someone to finish a week long trip around America? Perhaps? Unknown.

Hypothesizing….why the crisscrossed statements from Trump and Pence? Trump basically says we’re ditching NATO, then Pence reassures the EU…basically opposite day with the Trump Pence thing. Who knows, maybe Pence already is acting President?? Smoke and mirrors folks….possibly….just my hypothesis, one of many…one….of….. many. But…possibly, Trump speaks before thinking things through, then retracts, then changes his initial mindset? Idk, but damn….get on the same page. Then again perhaps Pence is a failsafe.

America deserves an answer though. We deserve to know to what extent Russia truly played in our election. We deserve to know the truth about Trump’s relationship with our enemy. We need to know what favors were done for who, where Trump profited, and by what means he was solicited, or if solicitation was done directly by Trump’s associates …we deserve to know. Period.

The possibility there was communication between Trump and Russian officials, forces me to ponder on the thought, “What did Russia do, what are they doing, and what role is Trump playing in this whole thing?” We deserve to know why top officials in Russia celebrated Trump winning the election. America deserves to know the truth. Period. Nothing else. (No more periods…except this one. And this one. And these few more…….OK done. Oops. Shit! Ha! I did it!) <----- joke….get it? Think it over.

Will we ever know anything? I guess that depends on your source for the news. Trumpski has only given us one news source worthy of his recognition, hinting at which outlets are good and which ones are bad. Lol and it’s who? Yeah, that’s where America should be getting our news. Fox? Ayfkm? (For those of us who don’t know that acronym, ayfkm is Are you f**king kidding me. I should know, I was in the SCA. )
The question we need asked, may perhaps have an answer beyond our ability to repair. The idea that Russia had a stake in our elections demonstrated to me and perhaps millions more, that there exists a form of vulnerability, a worrisome backdoor perhaps into our election cyberspace where the results were or could have been manipulated. Unknown, but the idea that our election can be manipulated, whether it happened or not, means we need it fixed so we know without a doubt the election process is fair and impossible to render compromised in any way, shape or form. Even if nothing could or did happen, still….fix it…fix it so it’s ironclad.

I think we need a fingerprint reader in our election booths. Maybe? Something that provides a rock solid, impossible to penetrate, ironclad election process. Where the popular vote wins, not the way it is now. College electoral votes or whatever that bullshit is…is bullshit. Not that I wanted Hillary Clinton to win, trust me, but if she had 2 or 4 million votes more, who really won? That’s the disparaging feeling of uselessness that forced many Americans into the streets.

That unsettling, untrustworthy feeling many of us felt over the system of our election, was perhaps an eye opening historical event, but drowned out by the roar of Trump’s winning, we’ve skipped over the process of finding solutions in order to fix our rusty voting infrastructure and that should be addressed.

When you allow for this handful of electoral votes to override the majority, it seems the election process is wrong and incorrect. Or I’m brainwashed by the media? Hard to say, but somehow our election process seems manipulated, and then again, I have no clue….revert the election process to its earlier days before the amendments to it, and let’s have a second vote. Base the results on the majority vote, the true count of America’s votes. Not this electoral College whatever bs…

Anyways…still with me?

A friend of mine proofed a few of my articles, and he said I’m a horrible text contortionist? He also said I had grammatical failures beyond his ability to fix. Anyways…that’s very discomforting for a writer to hear. Luckily, I fired that sob and hired myself a real editor. Actually it’s an app. 😉

So North Korea’s leader’s estranged brother died in Malaysia by poisonous hand cream covered females?. Interesting. I’m curious about how this related to the issues between the US and Kim? Assassination perhaps? I wonder how much they squeezed out of him before they killed him? Eh? Lol….sorry but I have to hypothesize…as it seemed oddly scented with Hmmmmmm….didn’t it? Poisoned? Autopsy? Airport? Interesting. Kim Jong Dong, whatever his name is…the leader of North Korea, isn’t happy about things atm. With now South Korea rocky, things are going to shit on the 39th parallel, or whatever that demilitarized zone is, lol….they have their missiles at the ready, and America ready and willing to take action….as the Ex-Exon Executive said, all options are now on the table about how to handle North Korea.

Strangely enough. I find it interesting how he died. Even more interesting, nobody seems concerned. Malaysia is just harsh about their laws. Nothing to think twice about here. It normal to withhold National Leaderships dead family relatives. So much so, they refuse to send his body back without genetic proof from the supreme leader of NK. Although an autopsy was conducted, perhaps to cover up marks from interrogations? Unknown, but hypothetically speaking, this could be what might have happened. Just thinking out loud….😁

As far as Russia is concerned, you and I should be concerned as well. Russia is heating up the frying pan, and escalating standoffs in international waters. With a Russian spy ship floating off the coast of Connecticut and perhaps Georgia as well, Russia has something cooking.

My thought is simple. Why would they sit one ship, so close to America? To listen? Hmmm? Watch? Or wait for something to come to them? Honestly. Either they are waiting for a message, or delivering one, or just listening, whatever…but my imagination tells me there’s more to it. Well, my superhuman intellect tells me Russia has plans….hmmm? Perhaps? Unknown, but there’s that thought in my head. What is Russia really trying to do? Why are we about to place more sanctions on Russia? Why are we being pretentious ? Lol

Russia this, Russian that. Don’t forget about Russia’s biggest ally! Ch-ch-Ch-ch China…woohoo…China baby, alriiiight! Just kidding… Yeah so what about China and Russia? Well…One China…One Russia…together against the US? Europe? Scary thought…perhaps something to worry about, no?

Why the provocations? Not just from the USSR…lol…but China as well. Why are we feeding the fire? Why are we seemingly endless with our own problems at home, but still see a need to challenge two powerful countries? What’s the outcome of such a stand off? Why? Risk war for what? Anyways…be careful….Russia has a ship on our coastal eastern waters, spying…lol…

What is Trump’s plan now? Ukraine intervention or North Korea? Chinese intervention? A Syrian government manhandle? Gosh Andy, I think we might have a little issue. Is Trump going to be able to handle all of this well enough? Is he that Good? Will he handle it wonderfully? Or should we expect the norm? Preemptive stupidity…and a retracted sphincter? Hard to tell, huh?

I mean, shit….his congressional address, vaguely disparaging and rehearsed. A well to do speech for a political quagmire. Definitely not his norm. More rehearsed and conservative, restrained, and undeniably generic. A speech one might expect from someone under the glass. Just saying.

I find it interesting how Trump’s camp is twisting the whole Russia Trump thing into a politically motivated witch hunt by the extreme left. Calling it a travesty, and a horrible action, just because Obama oversaw necessary investigations into Trump’s Russian dealings during his campaign? So what if Obama recorded everything, if Trump is a Russian puppet or if Trump had back alley Russian deals, then…Obama did the right thing.

Two things about this topic that nobody is bringing up, is the fact Obama warned us on live TV about the danger of Trump, and the fact that the CIA most likely recommended to Obama to order the surveillance, instead of Obama just willy-nilly politically ordering the probe. Trump can easily order a full investigation too, hell, if Obama is such a horrible person, why doesn’t Trump arrest Obama? Lol…

Seriously though, whenever Trump has a blunderbuss, watch which media outlets play damage control and at what level the media works out the truth blending. In other words, damage control in the form of attention changing and downplay. Trump shits on someone’s salad, and the media outlet that supports the reason for him shitting in someone’s salad, is the media outlet doing the damage control.

Sean Hannity, the propaganda ninja of Fox, bleeds green peppermint flavored Trump syrup whenever Trump fucks up. Downplaying anything Trump does. Feverishly. Ignorantly. Without failure….mopping up every drop of Trump’s political spills and blunders. Hannity, Rush, Mark and Beck…Newsmax, Fox, etc. etc. etc….steam up the clear view of fact, and work earnestly to subside, and ebb the tide of Trump’s wrong doings. Anyways….

As Trump now has ordered a tomahawk cruise missile strike against Syria and promises to escalate things if needed, we are going to see him spark a fire he can not control. Worse more, destroy the America he promises to make great…again. #SyriaDistraction #BlackmailedPresidency #Trumpsucks #Trumpgate Hannity and Rush I know will massage the crowds and Trump will get that spotlight off his back.
How’s things?

God bless America, and Peace Out….
Oh and by the way….ENJOY THE VIDEO….

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Hannity Owned by Ted

The great Ted Koppel weighs in on the master of Republican propaganda, and Hannity gets owned.

Al Gore has a New Movie

You heard correctly. Al Gore has a new Movie coming out, and from what I gather, it's focus is on Donald Trump. Hmmmm.

Well, here's the CNN report on Al Gore's new movie. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Videotape of Trump

Things to Consider: Trump’s Investment Portfolio and a Sly Tactical Con Artistry Called Bullshit. Plus my thoughts on the 77 minute Trumpathon Media Meltdown. 

Double Plus, Videos of Trump over the last 30 days!

Speaking from just recently watching several videos on Trump’s media blowout.... I can only sum up that display with one word….Pathetic. I’m also ashamed as an American to have witnessed the last 30 days of Trump in office. Witnessing the President of America, speaking like Trump does, I’m seriously ashamed, embarrassed even.

Unfortunately, as much as one can be willing to give him a chance, one must be equally willing to be ignorant, blissfully ignorant.

To what? The drama for one. The ridiculousness. The unavoidable ineptitude. The still lingering apprehensiveness of what Trump is or is not capable of doing. Fear. Division. Unapproachableness.
Politics aside. It’s incredible. How, by his design, he’s establishing the criteria for deniability. By thwarting the credibility of the media, posthaste, with preemptive undermining. Why? What looms over the horizon that Trump fears will become spotlighted by the media? What is it that drives him to provide this Trumptified base of “The Enemies of the American People”, in the media? Is it possible that he’s just being honest? Or perhaps creating a way to provide himself with a deniability route, incase devastating “factual news” was to come out? Hmmmm….curiously interesting, no?

My theories on Trump so far are increasingly becoming more and more accurate.
Imagine if you created a dumb down on intelligence gathering, public or governmental, by pushing things that are against you in the media or in the Intelligence community as legitimate enemies of the American people…wouldn’t your desired outcome be, having full deniability of fact under control? Note this, his media list of distain contains what outlets? VS…which ones that are not included?

Hmmmm….  History question, who was it in the history of the last century that in his first few weeks as supreme commander, took media outlets out that were against his rule? Remember this, if Trump dignifies one outlet as the only true source of “news” from his inner workings, we have a serious problem. Not that he hasn’t already done this, but pay attention to this warning of pretentious media malcontent from our President. It’s hinge on factuality he dons righteous….is surely by his design and for his own ability to work it in his favor.

Just saying….anyways…onward I go…

Who wouldn’t like to see his Stock Market portfolio? See, I wonder how much he had in stake with that oil pipeline? Boing’s stock? Hmmmm…. Think about how a tycoon would operate if he had the ability to change the fortunes of stock holders, especially his own stock holdings. Trump obviously has something to hide, as his refusal to release his tax records were purposely done to avoid public questioning of his first few executive orders. Orders and actions having to do with nothing else than making himself richer. Maybe?

Lets talk about his Russian connections? Or his law bending on his businesses…now…. I’m sure all those diehard trumpicans are saying “so what”. Blinded by their belief in his untouchable “no establishment” armor, they will turn a blind eye to his Russian dealings, taxes, business dealings, or anything else suspicious. Thankfully our CIA isn’t turning blind to anything dealing with Trump. The recent leaks about the CIA going noncompliant on a few things with Trump proves something is amiss. Vetting the President of America, hmmmmmm…!

What if the Russian connection is harmful, then what? Curiously, what can we do to make repairs if Trump truly is a Trojan horse of Russian meddling? Everything would be under suspicion related to his cabinet and connections, but it may prove to be too late.

Although I have no doubt, the CIA already checked Trump out, and red flags arose….well before he ran and became President. Trust that! My worry is, well….read this. (Later) Soil the Trump name, oh dear god, never would he allow that! Again, going back deniability….media control….credibility….Trump holding the reins….hmmmmm….fake news, or fake man with a plan? Hmmmm….before the news comes out, make sure you blanket it all first with the title of “untrustworthy media”….are you with me now? Ah….yes….think about it.

Video of the 77 minute Trump News Conference Meltdown.

Video of Spicer and his Bullshit
SNL Video of Baldwin doing the Trump.

All the funniness aside, SNL has this ability to make us laugh and provide a sort of inner voice of what many people think. “I’m not alone….Baldwin is spot on!” Trump is that spoiled rich guy who when he doesn’t get his way, makes it known how unfair it is. It’s just that if you watch the real Spicer and Trump, the humor is reality-based by how sad and weak this administration projects itself to be. Worried about strange useless bullshit, like inauguration pictures? Seriously? The stupidity of it all, is the most alarming aspect and the funniest part, at the same time. Famous quote time, “How shallow and pedantic an administration is, or becomes, is only a reflection on the man in the middle of the spider web he created.” ~Willy Wonka. Just kidding, that was me, I made that one up. Sounds good, right? No? Oh come on, it’s perfect!

I’m entitled to my opinions. Right or wrong, and as an old mentor once told me, “Honesty is always factual to the witness who speaks of what was witnessed, for the truth is always in the eye of the beholder, it’s then your job to prove or find fact over honesty, and in that endeavor, questioning must always be a constant, and belief, a failsafe.” Actually, I just made that up. You’re welcome. That’s two JAK quotes hot off the gray matter, for free.

In actuality, I have hopes that Trump can do everything he’s promised, minus the wall thing and all that other crap, honestly, I have some hope he might do something good for America. Granted, it’s a small hope. What I want is for Trump to stop filling in potholes, and applying Band-Aids. These executive orders and policies he’s implementing are not full solutions, and that’s my problem with Trump. (Besides a long laundry list of things)

When he applies a solution to resolve an issue, it only seems to create bigger issues, or laments into a temporary resolve, a climatic build of reactionary solutions, nothing long term. It’s in this format of political fermentation that I doubt in his abilities.

Going back to his lobbyist policy for an example, again not a solution, but a temporary resolve. If he truly wished to solve the lobbyist issue, he could have banned it all together, but no, instead, another Band-Aid, a filling in on a pothole, nothing else….

I’m amazed at how everything has played out thus far, and as one American with a small voice, I wonder what the rest of America thinks. I ask myself…..Am I alone? Is anyone else appalled by Trump? Is he the savior of the United States, or the king of corruption? I just hope the next 4 years goes by quickly.

Peace out Americana brethren, and God bless!


Sunday, February 12, 2017

NOT Making America Great Again

How can Trump solve American issues, when he’s creating larger problems? Oh and- When will it be “our time” again? And several other things, rants, and whatnot since being sworn in.

Seriously? I guess the “freedom of the press” right needs to be Trumptified? Ah, yes…that freedom of the press thing, what a bugger that right is. Boy, let me tell you what. Censoring fact? Bad idea. At least from my point of view.

It seemed like a stab at the idea of censorship faded, luckily for the press and propagandists, Trump kinda moved on. Although I do find it interesting that he is so easily aroused when insulted, or treaded upon lightly, proclaiming “fake news” on the subject of himself…ergo his egotistical demeanor and self viewed, self proclaimed “Trump Supremacy” over all else.

Even if a factual report becomes fraudulent or tainted, or totally incorrect, the job of the press is to tell America what the news is, what’s being done, where, and by who, and by what sources….basically….”reporting on tangible facts, whether proven inaccurate later, or denied until blue in the face, even when proven right”….that’s the job of the press in America. To report on the news, even if the news is “bad news” for someone powerful, or negatively directed towards even our new president.

The press though, shouldn’t be propaganda machines for any one side in the equation. That is one thing I will agree with! Score one for Trump! Now take away three points…

Much like fox showed it’s true colors during Obama’s duration, and now with Trump…(night and day folks)….(The old Fox loves Trump….hated Obama)…lol…no wonder CNN is in the crosshairs, they might be standing on the “outside” of political media corruption? Hmmm…maybe? Maybe not…? Hard to say.

Or my theory is proven correct, and Fox is Republican run, CNN is Democratically run, and none of this whole freedom of the press thing really matters, simply because none of the above has been acting like news stations, but rather, propagandist fodder outlets from the Establishment and should be banned from the true press…perhaps permanently? I mean, Donald called CNN Democratic Propaganda….so Fox must be ? Republican Propaganda? I mean, let’s just label them as we go….shall we? MSNBC must be Independent….CBS…Libertarian? ABC? Socialist?? Maybe Centrist? Let’s be fair Donald, how about Newsmax?

I mean let’s be honest about fake, propagandist outlets…or just finger point at only one? Hmmmm? (I can fix this though. A disclaimer that runs every 15mins that warns watchers that a “show” is politically biased, and should be viewed with care….and a political popup bio for authors who write.) ☺Or like the Republican run Newsmax, that targets the elderly with Republican propaganda.

Now, for Donald Trump to try to find a way around that stubborn right of free press, means he believes that he’s above the law? Possibly... As that action-packed morning panned out, it would seem the president didn’t know about that whole freedom of the press thingy….or did he? Lol… I mean if you know of the right, why attempt to circumvent it? Hmmmm….

Only they called it something else…. Exclusion?  Exclusion by whether or not Trump approves of certain outlets attending his press conferences? Apparently?! Or was there some spicy back padding? The White House speaker started calling it…. “Town hall meetings”, with certain outlets disqualified, or something, anyone remember what that dumb ass said? No matter….he’s a #&@% idiot, seriously, one of the most arrogant, dickwads I ever listened to. Spicy wiener….yeah him.

Anyone know of a website that displays a timeline of Trump’s actions/orders since becoming President?? Or maybe shows a timeline of both Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican powers actions since coming to power and after his inauguration? Hmmmmm……Google search for it….then come back here…lol…or here… I did it for you. DONALD TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDER TIME LINE

Now how about this. My earlier predictions were spot on. I was right about that Canadian pipeline being hereone of his first serious moves. I’m getting good at that prediction stuff. Not hard really. Simply ask yourself, what would a guy like Trump do first with his powers? Make the wealthy, wealthier? Hmmmmm…..typical republican reach around tactics? Pinch a nipple while driving it home? Yup. It’s “our time” after all…☺

Maybe Trump has a plan. Maybe a wall will work, maybe larger numbers of border patrol agents and immigration officers will help lower costs, and taxes? I’m sure the few billions in construction costs won’t hurt us either. Perhaps some conglomerate will win the bid, and something tells me their stocks will rise, right after every suit and tie buys stocks.

I mean, when after only a week in office, our friend Mexico is making angry paper piñata life sized dolls to beat and burn, that look just like our president, you know it’s gunna be a bumpy ride. Folks, really…….. I mean, really…. If when, in his first week, Mexico is making angry piñatas?! That might be an issue and a possible queue of things to come, maybe …idk…lol…

What about the league of State Department management employees that the Trump crew claimed to have fired? All over what again? Donald Trump’s dangerous ego needed a massage over the size of his inauguration, verses Obama’s???? Some side by side comparison pictures of Donald Trump’s and Obama’s “swear in” leaked out, via Twitter….and boom, he fired them? Or did he become obsessed over the issue and he made those people walk? Naturally though, wouldn’t Obama’s be bigger? After all he’s black…no…no…not talking about manhood here folks, lol…but really, I would figure the first inauguration of an African American President would be larger than some Rich White guy?! Just saying….

Oh and that woman who refused to sign the travel ban, good job. Just saying. ☺

OK back to Trump’s diplomacy….

A 20% tax on imported goods by us, well….the only counter to that would be a 20% tax on the U.S.’s imported goods! Thankfully the Mexican President didn’t come. I would have expected Trump to hand him a vacuum cleaner while walking him through the white house. Seriously. Like…”Make sure you get the corners real good, and I like seeing a cross pattern of vacuum rug lines, crossing, not checkmarks, crossssssing. Comprehend’ay? Then we can talk politics, k Muchacho?”

Respect….lacking on who…? Didn’t our President insult Mexico when he vowed to build the wall? Perhaps not though, if you believe immigrants and illegal immigrants who cross our borders are human trash and unworthy of citizenship.

Or perhaps you’re like me and believe in having secure borders, but doubtful a wall would “prevent” a true threat to America from entering. Human ingenuity folks, see, there are many other avenues of ways for entering our country, most of which have nothing to do with our southern border. History lesson…ready? Hitler managed to land saboteurs via submarines and rubber rafts during WW2. Didn’t know that, did ya? Oh yeah, off the coasts of Florida and New Jersey. Google it. Lol…just saying. If someone is seriously out to get into America, they will find a way, and no fence, wall, or obstacle will prevent a determined mind or enemy from entering our lands. Bottom line, build a wall down south and the Canadian border will become the dangerous border, and 100X more difficult to secure.


From the dumbass wall and now a travel ban for 7 Muslim majority countries? For what? Have we had a reason to do this? I’m not saying we’re not at risk, but I am saying, stopping flights coming from these countries alone, is a total failure of policy. Should we be so afraid of a singular threat? That our president blindly produces orders to save us? Orders that have created constitutional issues, trapping AMERICANS overseas and refusing their return? I’m unsure if there is a law or right, but to tell American citizens, Muslim or not, overseas, in any one of these 7 countries, that they can not return, is an act of stupidity and disregard for American lives. Trapping a 3 year old Syrian girl belonging to a Syrian family, that’s becoming Americans? Dumb.

We need to challenge the Muslim Community in America to help our country that we share and love, to vet refugees. There are many great, patriotic, American Muslims who do not share ISIS’s beliefs or belief structure that could easily weed out all of the evildoers.

I’m not afraid….I’m not going to hide, run or turn yellow. America should not be so afraid of being attacked, we are too great of a country to fear any passenger on a plane? I mean sure, if ISIS had packed 200 terrorists in a 747, loaded it with weapons, and flew it into some capital city of the USA, somehow bypassing all layover stops without issue, and attacked us, then hell yeah, a travel ban then would work! Just because of fear? Where is the threat? Where is the record of incidents where threats came directly off a plane? When have we been infiltrated or attacked in any manner that would require a travel ban, since 911?

Executive orders without the representation of need or fact, demonstrates another failure of Trump’s ability to develop intelligent solutions. If all that can be dreamt up are walls and bans, and no solid solutions, fundamentally folks, were screwed.
Anyways….yawn…where was I?

Trump’s Masterfully Created Plan of greatness starts to take shape…Now we can learn exactly how NOT to Make America Great Again…in just a Few Easy Steps. 

One could expect this sort of Presidential behavior from a variety of 3rd world rulers, yet here we are, watching the plan of “greatness” unfold from our newly elected president of the most mightiest country in the world. Astonishingly, our president acts as if it’s all just part of the “plan”.

Mexico’s president cancels his visit and Donald turns it into a mutual agreement. Again, nobody can shame Trump’s ego, it’s untouchable, and Trump would not allow the Mexican President to disrespect him by turning his back on him. So he covered it up. Simple. Mutual agreement my arss. I know better. Piñata beatings and all, is this helping make America great again?

Will a wall make us a better country? Are we going to compare the Vatican wall to our southern border again? Sure, let’s build a great wall of greatness. What about the Northern border? Let’s wall that up too. Will becoming a fearful country, a isolationistic republic of fear mongering, going to make us great again?

The Yemen assault? I’m American. My country’s military and the men and women who serve have my respect 10x over. The loss of life of one or more man or woman wearing our military uniform must be accompanied with a god damn good explanation worthy of the loss. If it saved lives, then prove it. If it’s worth the cost of our relationship with Yemen, and worth the shame of what occurred, then prove it. I mean simply, what happened isn’t making America greater in anyway shape or from.
A lopsided ridiculous travel ban? This was certainly applied in order to make us great again. Just a terrible solution for it’s “true” intended purpose of “protection”. How does deepening the gap in relationships with people who are Muslim helping America become great again?

Downplaying Russian involvement in the Ukraine? That looks awfully cowardly, possibly irresponsible too. I mean, sure…let’s say that Crimea was just a reminder of the first step in Russia’s land roping, but nothing happened afterwards...I mean ..Putin doesn’t have any other plans, right? Let’s just say this, Russia is busy in the Ukrainian area, and to downplay that was a slap in the face to the surrounding European countries. Apparently WW2 was just a history we can forget. I’m a firm believer that if we forget the past, we are doomed to repeat it…hence the lesson not learned…Trump dismissed the reality of Russia for a reason…unbeknownst to the rest of the world. Only he knows how to make us great again, and that was just another part of the plan, that whole Putin shoe polishing by Trump, was just another part of the greatness program….rest assured!

Maybe that pipeline will create jobs. Not anything too permanent though, as it’s a construction project, a few specialist jobs and maintenance jobs will remain, but gas companies will be the real winners, and benefit long after we see the small insignificant gain in employment numbers. It will be the stock holders, the bond holders, the rich, the wealthy…who will benefit.

Maybe pulling out of NATO will be cost effective too. A Russia, US, China, European alliance might be better, then all of the middle east, Africa and all other 3rd world countries will be ours, muhahahahaha! Then a true currency exchange rate and a new dollar. The Super Power Dollar? Idk…lol

Maybe I should stop bitching, and just take it one day at a time. Maybe the 14…15….16…whatever orders he’s signed are him just getting things out of the way so he can focus on the people. The poor. The struggling America. It’s “our time” after all… I’m sure he’ll get around to us, eventually, hang in there, I’m sure he’s gunna get to the “our time” part, sooner or later, just let him get through all that “their time” stuff first...

“Stop filling in potholes DT, and repave the whole road”…? Something muttered behind me at a local gas station with a big flat screen TV…the commentator was talking about the lobbying rules Trump implemented. I turned around and said, “Your god damn right!” true story….
Here’s a few of my ideas…or one..yeah just one..

One idea or solution (if you prefer) is as follows…If you want to make America great again, make it easier for the struggling American people to start a business. Cut some of the bureaucratic red tape. Free up the self employment market place, help create job markets, and thus decrease the number of people on the system. Help with small business grants. Enough for a man to start something as small as a lawn mowing company, or become a carpet installer, or develop a cleaning service, non-mechanical remodeling, service tech, maintenance…etc…etc… Give a hand up, not a hand out. Loosen up the way things are done, make it easier, cheaper, and more profitable for anyone wanting to start up a business. Help with schooling for skilled trades, like mechanical related jobs, electricians, plumbers, or brick masons, construction trades, etc , create a small business bundle start up package, help with tool acquisition, allow for a tax free 5 year run at start up for first-time business owners….. and more,. Just saying…if you make it easier for the average person to create a business, eventually, they might be able to get off the system…perhaps then help America and it’s burden of welfare? Then perhaps they can create an employment opportunity, and eventually build a strong business, and have multiple employees? Maybe…lol…but that might cost billions, (I bet Donald Trump can get Canada to pay for it)…so if we took the billions to be spent on the wall and more border police, and used it to fund a betterment program for the economy and internal growth, that would better, right, but no, the man is focused on a wall and more “troops” to defend it, and the expulsion of illegal detainees.

Honestly though, focusing on only one layer of the issue, showing such a concern for an oil pipeline under the guise of employing people, is not solving issues. See…this is how you solve a problem, first…. you must get to the root of the problem, the very core, the very cause and effect of any problem, the very source…. America’s problem is the welfare system, unemployment, and a long-term, uncontrollable, unethical, corrupt government. ☺ let’s address the first two issues 😊. (Solution applied above)

I mean, if the problem is unemployment numbers, that means that there are not enough jobs, so create a fucking solution. Lol…when you say…”for every new rule created, you must remove two”…that’s a fucking band aid, not a solution. A fill in on a pothole, not a fix.

I’m just speaking my mind. Hopefully the 1st amendment is still functioning without hindrance? See, in America the 1st amendment is supposed to allow a guy like me, well anyone really, with the right to speak.

Although, from what I gather, there are some repercussions when you speak out against the government….apparently the 1st right of our bill of rights is arguably governed by what you say. Censorship in the form of taking away things that we might miss, but are not rights, but still something we should be allowed to do, like flying, or leaving the country, nevertheless returning to our country, should not be so easily overridden by a singular person, especially Trump. Apparently. Not that this has happened to me, but from what I gather, some extremist type speakers have lost their ability to fly outside of America.

So I hope I’m not an extremist. Lol…humorist maybe, leftist, no, but yes if you’re a labeler. I’m democratic, but not sure if I stand fully on the democratic side. I’m more of a libertarian, but rather more of an independent, a centrist libertarian, with democratic tendencies? A nymphish whimsical persona?

No… more or less, I’m an Americanist? I’m down with whatever is best for the people, and solving the complexity of issues America has, internally. Not internationally. I’d pull out of every external endeavor (if applicable and if I was president, which I’m not, and won’t ever be…lol) anyways, I’d pull out of every foreign country where our troops are in conflict or where America is intertwined militarily. I’d do a full international withdrawal of troops, wherever we have boots standing in foreign soil, and bring them home to strengthen our borders. Instead of hiring new people, patrol the border with some of our troops who are currently in deployment, and focus on fixing America. We spend how much a year militarily overseas? Dr . Martin Luther King said it best…”a country that spends more on military might, than social betterment, is fundamentally doomed.” I like famous quotes.

Not that I want to fly anywhere, and I have no idea where I could go outside of America, it’s not safe anywhere anyways…I’m American and DT is our president…. I might not be able to come back…lol

I hate flying. Fuck that. Small passenger jets scare me. Never getting on one of those again! I can drive where I like going. Montana, Colorado, Iowa, Oregon, Nebraska, California, Illinois, New Mexico, South Carolina, basically anywhere where you can fish and hunt. ☺Dense deer and elk populated states, and good fishing, that’s my thing. So yeah, take away my ability to fly, no problem, just let me hunt and fish, I’m good! Ever been to Montana in the late spring, freaking beautiful! Maine in the early summer? Whew, boy…nice places to stay or live….I stayed…lol…I wish I could live anywhere for a few months at a time and move on….I need one of those RVs …

I mean, to protect our country from the threat of a lone wolf attack, we need to ban flights from Muslim countries? Let’s be straight to the point. Nothing we could ever do is going to fully secure our country. Banning flights, building a wall, increasing border patrol numbers, and hitting Yemen, isn’t helping keep America safe. What will make us safe again, is to regain the light of the beacon of hope America once possessed. We were once the country that offered freedom, and stood against the wrong and injustice of the world, now….well we’ve lost that. We now have our fingers in too many pies, we’ve killed, oppressed and created more enemies than friends.

We became the police of the world. Storm troopers of democracy. Freedom fighters and security guards. Oil tycoon military Chess masters. Whatever….If we want to be safe, we need to make reparations, admit to our mistakes and curl back our involvements overseas. I mean, the only reason ISIS is a problem, is because we destabilized the middle-east with our Iraqi freedom bullshit and then handed over Iraq to the very people who we were fighting in the first place….

Basically, we only have ourselves to blame for the state of our country and our problems internationally abroad. Trump’s ideas and ego isn’t helping us become great, he’s only making things worse… my opinion. Address minimum wage, address poverty, refund the 401k grabs, open up the tax bracket, create better employment opportunities with regards to self-employment. Come up with ironclad long-term solutions, not preemptive detrimental bandages. Fix the tax code you manipulated. Solve problems, don’t create them!

A country boy will survive….I can skin a buck and run a trout line…Hank Williams boy, he’s my favorite country singer. I’m well rounded musically speaking. Not into Rap though…Kid Rock though, hell yeah, I need to win the lottery and move in next door to those two guys. 😇 Actually, my wife wants to move up north closer to her family and the Canadian border, before Donald builds a wall up there too. Fine by me. I’m sure deer live in Iowa …right? Hopefully, unless they migrate across the border? Let’s hope not.
Where was I? Oh yeah…

Our time…it’s here folks! It’s our time, right now…or maybe….next week….maybe…?
Anyways, I believe the direction we are heading in is down hill, I know it’s only been a couple of weeks folks, but a test nonetheless, and I can’t foresee too far ahead, but, yeah….whew…week #5 will be interesting! Can’t wait for week number five. What’s next? Chinese people start making paper dragons that look oddly like Donald and burn them in the streets of Hong Kong? I swear, I saw one piñata of Donald Trump that someone must have put a whole lot of time into making, so much so, it looked like him to the “T”, over the top, combed blond hair and all. Remember Napoleon Dynamite? Summer vs. Pablo…he gets in trouble for the whole piñata thing? Lol…yeah…wow…alarming ironic similarities, no?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my rant… God Bless the US…
Peace out

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*Trump the Trojan Horse of the Establishment

Meet Bebe

Aside from my astounding political commentary, once in a while I like to write about positive things. Lol This item of interest is about a great experience I had with the adoption of our new family member. Well, our first family pet, and to be honest, a long awaited family pet.

My wife has PTSD and is also pregnant, and with me working, we both wanted her to have a bit of extra security and some companionship. Well, I wanted her to have protection, she wanted a buddy. Luckily, we found both of those things and much more.

Meet Bebe. A Black Mouth Mountain Cur/with a pinch of Pit mix. Bebe was adopted at the Valley River Humane Society in Murphy NC. She’s an extremely intelligent puppy and like most Cur breeds, highly family oriented. She literally slipped right into place and adjusted as if she belonged. Bebe is about 7 to 8 months old, and she didn’t miss a beat as far as becoming a family member. She ran in the front door and was almost immediately “at home” with us and quickly found a spot in our bed the first night.

Bebe was a stray found running at large in a nearby township. I’ve come to believe she might have been slightly trained, either at the shelter or before becoming a stray by her unknown first owner. She knows sit and stay rather well, and has been learning a few other commands, rather quickly.

In the last few days she’s proven to be highly protective and alert, constantly making us aware if something seems suspicious. She is quick to sound off if she sees someone on our driveway, or anything that’s not part of this family coming onto our property.

She has taken on the role of walking the grounds with me at night,  (Checking the outside, locking doors and looking in on the kids) and she takes our walk very seriously, actually checking on each child and waiting for me to leave each room before she exits.

On outside “patrols” she seems to know what we’re doing and goes instant “offensive” should we encounter unfamiliar sounds. She gingerly follows my lead, and will freeze and go “sentry” if I stop to listen to crunching leaves or if I hear something in the field. On our first night she stopped to growl at a deer crashing through the woods, and fearlessly went defensive.

Bebe is highly observant to sounds, constantly aware of the kids, and quickly putting things to memory. She’s becoming a very well rounded dog both as a part of our family and as a guardian over all of us. She has taken on each child in stride, and has given each child a full range of reaction to their actions, from timid little hands to “too fast to see” autistic hands, she responds lovingly and patiently with each of our children. Amazingly, she has already timed their return from school, and waits by the door for 15mins before they arrive.

After reading up on the breed, I discovered that she carries many of the traits these dogs are famous for. As working dogs, hunting dogs or family pets, Curs have a natural ability to make great family additions. Curs are very territorial. Bebe has demonstrated this already. Curs are also known to be steadfast guards, this she has proven to be a natural instinct for her, as she watches our youngest with a very watchful eye.

The shelter we found her at was very well run. The condition of the kennels were very clean, a little wet from being sprayed down, but ready for viewing. Admittedly, I only experienced an animal shelter once down in Florida and I expected about the same when I walked in, but Valley River’s kennels were clean and the dogs were very well cared for.

The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and at the ready to help us adopt. We were treated nicely, and had adequate time to view all the dogs. When we picked out Bebe, the staff gave us a room to bond with her, and we were pleased with being able to get her out away from the noise and confusion and see how she acted. We both quickly noticed her pleasant personality and observant nature.

Bebe was spayed for us, had all her shots and rabies tag. All included for a $40.00 fee. We were pleased with the friendly service and the adoption process. Happily we brought Bebe home after her spaying and after a few days of recuperating from her surgery, she’s a happy-go-lucky addition and quickly fitting in.

Mom got her house buddy, and I got my protective, outdoor enthusiast. Not bad for a stray! ☺

If your interested in the adoption of rescue animals, like the dogs and cats we found at the Valley River Humane Society, contact your local shelter. If you live in the Murphy area of North Carolina, and want to adopt your own success story, contact the Valley River Humane Society.

Take your time. Pay attention to how each dog reacts to your presence. When your viewing potential pups, look for an observant, and focused demeanor. Look for eye contact. Look for friendliness and a even disposition. There’s nothing wrong with leaving empty handed, and checking in from time to time until you find the one that is right for you.

Bebe was well aware of all the activity around her at the kennel, but managed to remain totally focused on me and my wife. While making eye contact and allowing us to pet her, she was on the constant look out for the dog next door to her pen. (Without looking away from us.) That’s what sold me on her, and I’m glad it did.

Again, if your looking to adopt a dog or cat in the Murphy NC area, contact and good luck.