Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sweat Coin Review

I started using Sweat Coin and this is what I think.

Sweat Coin

I was curious about this app for a while now. I had stumbled across the Sweat Coin app before and wanted to give it a shot, but didn't.

It wasn't until a coworker started bragging about this "new cryptocurrency" he was using that created its coins by using an algorithm that used your steps.

I figured that I walk a bunch at work, I decided to finally download the app Sweat coin. I found that it's an ad-free app, which I appreciate. Minus offers for the coins, as in items you can spend them on, you aren't bothered by much-needed interaction.

It works in the background and collects the number of steps you take and sends every 2000 steps to be analyzed. Seems to work without much battery consumption and has a sleek user interface.

Daily bonus coins are available and other incentives. So you can collect quite a few coins rather quickly every week.

So far its proven to be a useful app for generating a cryptocurrency that can be spent on a variety of items, including cash when available.

I give sweat coin an A+ for it being a great ad-free app that needs very little interaction and can make you a new form of cryptocurrency.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sweat Coin Review

A New Crypto Currency Like Bitcoin.

It's called SweatCoin and it has the potential to take its place alongside other cryptocurrencies. At the time of this blog post, 20,000 Sweat Coins was worth $1,000.00USD Cash.

Sweat coin isn't a mining app. Instead it counts your steps and rewards you for them in a currency called Sweat Coins. These SCs can them be used to purchase a variety of items or converted into cash and dropped into Paypal or during special events they can be converted into a bank deposit.

Sweat Coin is new and eventually could become a contender in the Crypto market. All the reason to get started now earning these potential-filled coins.

The Sweat Coin App is Ad free, costs nothing and gets you motivated to walk and exercise. This makes it useful to those of us who do a lot of walking at work or have active lifestyles.

You can colleevery day day at a predetermined step count or force the collection anytime.

Ready to start earning? Sweat Coin πŸ‘† It pays to walk!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

America's New Civil War.

The American Civil Revolution of 2017

This is my thoughts. So try to deal with it, I'm not the most eloquent writer.

President Trump calls his Twittering a modern-day Presidency. Well, if thats true, then we have a modern-day civil revolutionary war on our hands. A war being fought with the power of social media. Without guns.

If you look at the line drawn in the digital sand, we have the division of history repeating itself. One side versus the other. Perhaps instead of the North fighting the South, it's more or less Intellectualism. Vs well...the opposite of Intellectualism?

Call it what you want, but it seems there's a war being fought without the blood needing to be spilled.

The Patriot of American values today is better to keep his gun in the safe and instead pull out his ability to communicate.

The pen over the sword. Witt against Witt. The war of will and intelligence.

This is truly a Revolutionary war being fought in America, it's just that we have turned bloodshed into ink and text.

The only true Americans left in America are the ones standing on the sidelines in disagreement with everyone. Just saying.

We need to find a way to find unity. But at the current status quo, unity can only come at a cost of a win or loss.

As one friend put it, it's Revolutionary as much as it's civil. So perhaps in one way we are fighting a modern civil war, but in a revolutionary way.

Food for thought

God Bless America

Friday, July 7, 2017

Listen or Don't

I don't think we're on the same page.

I am not a liberal. I'm not a Conservative. I'm not a Democrat, or a Republican. I'm not a rightist or a leftist. I'm not a libertarian, or a centrist.

I'm an American.

I didn't vote for Hillary or Sanders or Trump. I voted for Dez Nutz. To make a statement about what I viewed in our election. I honestly didn't see one single individual running who deserved my fellow Americans vote. Maybe you did, but I didn't.

I believe our total government is corrupt, misguided, and has become Tyrannical.

I do not believe the American people have control any longer with reins on this horse.

We have lost control.

This isn't just about the environment or about problems abroad.

This is about freedom and the people of this country. Morals and the responsibility of being an American. Not about Trump, but he is part of this equation. All of the political spectrum are part of this equation.

I'm not a socialist... I'm no communist. I'm not an elitist or a occupier of anything. I'm an American, nothing else, nothing more. There is no label to stick on me, other than the label of being American.

I'm a free thinking non affiliated American who loves his country and the people of this country, but fears that We the People will diminish if we continue to ignore the obviousness of it all.

Our government is tyrannical and unyielding in noncompliance to the intended form of a government of the the people.

Our government is for themselves. That is all....

Tyranny is our enemy, not each other.

I pledge to continue to be an American, and stand under the label of being American, the Red, White, and Blue of American values.

If you bring tyrannical leadership to the American people and expect unification, your divisional by ethical standards. You can not bypass the law and expect unification.

God Bless America.

Listen or Don't.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Russia Invaded Facebook and Twitter. No really...

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ American Social Websites Trolled by Russia?

Russia in our Social Media, the Trolls who you think are people in this country, most likely are Russians.

After joining a group on facebook, I noticed after posting a link to my blog, the majority of the visitors were from Russia. The number of interactions with the post suggested that the page I was on was Russian occupied, more than just a little, but a huge majority.

I did this on Twitter as well, again, approximately more than 1/4 were Russian clicks to read my post…or should I say Tweet.

The point of this?

How much of our interaction between one another, especially when it’s in an argumentative reply, isn't a Russian on the other end?

I noted that when you are “Trolled” by a Russian, it’s from questionable writers. Broken English type, symbolic more than contextual and it exudes opposition. I understand American, I’m aware it’s possible to be arguing with another American, but more than I care to mention, it seems like a Russian with bad English. It just seems to be lacking substance. Hit and run tactics, no discussion, just blah blah blah, and no return.

I’m asking webmasters to try to get clicks as well and try to decipher the same country origins.

If I’m right, I’d say Twitter and Facebook is Russian Troll heaven….

Helping to divide our country.

Which Trump doesn't need any help with.

The point of this is, well...

Why would Russians pose as Americans online in social media? What is the point of that? To increase the division of the American people?

It would seem so, since not one Russian has said he's Russian when either defending Trump or resisting Trump. I can't say on which side of the equation they pad up, but I can say, it's highly probable one more than the other.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The 4th is all we have left...

The Moral Compass of Common Ground….

I’m not shocked by the way things are currently going in America. I don’t find it hard to believe that in today’s America, there’s such division and anger.

My expectations of what my fellow Americans are saying in forms of comments from the Internet-based communities are not surprising.

What we see in the streets, not surprising. Not at all.

The lines drawn in the sand have been around since the beginning of this country. Embers of hate have always been glowing under the ashes of American civilization, since the beginning of the founding of this country and well before.

How can I or you, or any American expect anything more from such political, social, and economic division?

Why do we draw such hard lines in the sand?

Why are we so angrily divided?

It isn’t simply politics that has us divided. It’s not the inability for us to control our Congress or the Senate’s agendas that divides us. So, what is it people?

Why have we reached such a point of discontent and discord? Do we blame Trump? Perhaps the GOP? Perhaps just blame all the Politicians? Maybe the media? Artful propaganda? Influences and teletype?

No America.

The only blame that can be applied to anyone, is ourselves. Each and every one of us.

We as a whole have allowed the corruption in our government to ferment.

Do we not always question them?

Doubt them?

Expect diversionary tactics, lies, and red tape?

Have we not allowed the tyranny to go unchecked?

We allowed it to grow out of control within our governmental foundations to the point that everything negative about our country has tipped the scales, and we are holding no true controls over the tyrannical system in place.

Have we not all observed it from both sides in this quagmire? Be it Hillary Clinton and the questions surrounding their foundation, or Benghazi, or Trump’s activities and actions, befalling questions and fear upon a majority of America to the point all we have left is one another to attack, when the true issue is those above us.

The electioneering and propagation, the Russian clout and the tampering of our election process.
Everything. Every fear we share as Americans only thrives due to our inability to effectively govern our government.

We appoint people in the chance we can extract a certain amount of change in the fruitless essential command we have now.

A government with no reins attached, is a wild horse that serves no purpose but to run from its duty.

The utter blatancy of the obviousness of it all can not be denied. The tyrannical, unavoidable distemper, exuded by our elected elite, demonstrates the lack of fear from our government of the people.

Why is it the American people fear the government? When the government should fear us. Not a fear of violence, but a fear of being removed from a position for being noncompliant to the laws of governing.

There should be tighter restrictions on our government, strong civil supervision of ethics, clear understood direction and recourse to solving problems.

This list of things needing to be fixed is massive and gargantuan in its relevance, but we do what?

Throw stones at one another?

If we must be so divided, can we at least all agree on one thing?

Is it not true that we all love our country?

That we are a country that would erase this division in a flash if the country was harmed?

Right or wrong? Is it not, at the end of the day, the date of 9.11, when the smoke rose, that we found brotherhood in each other?

America? While this is no 911, we are witnessing the same anger, pain and confusion, just now without the comforts of each other to heal our wounds.

This time though, we can only truly blame each other. Not an outside attack, but internal disorder.

It’s not about who is right or wrong, or who should have won and who didn’t lose. It’s not about opinions, or beliefs. It’s about supremacy over servitude. It’s about us. Our desire to see fruitful change, a brighter direction, betterment and resolve.

So eagerly so, that we dismiss the obviousness of its own costs, freedom for fuel for change.

We’ve paid witness to our failure to maintain oversight, to control.

Solving problems means fixing issues. If we find the root of the cause, thus by effect, we can change our situation, if only we can be in agreement with the root of the problem.

Which is our moral compass.

No matter how you view Donald Trump, one would have to be living on another planet, under a rock, not to recognize him as a problem.

We are divided over tolerance, acceptance, wealth, economic destitution, opportunity, health, trust, social responsibility and liability.

But we are not divided on the love we all share for this country. That in itself is our one true core of indivisible common ground.

The love of our country, our homeland, our freedoms, our constitution, and yes, even our people, will never go silently into the night.

We argue about nothing worthy of the loss of this country we all love.

It’s time to take off the labels. It’s time to stop worrying about your party’s agenda. It’s time to stop fighting over who is right and who is wrong. It’s time to take off those independent, liberal, conservative, leftist, rightist, democratic, republican labels and stand under the red white and blue of freedom. Its the only way to stop looking for an argument and find solutions.

I challenge you, no matter who you are, no matter which side of the fence you call yours, no matter which god, or skin color, or belief… Tell me you love America and want her to heal and stand tall. Tell your opponents the same. Leave Trump to Trump for one day, and meet your fellow Americans on solid, unwavering grounds…. In the celebration of Independence day and love for our country.

It’s all we have left to unite us and end this problem…

God Bless America, no matter which God you have, God Bless AMERICA!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hold on America

What if this is what Russia wanted all along?

I’m a deep thinker, I’m actually quite good at stepping out of the box and taking a look at a situation from a thousand different angles. Perhaps I’m bragging slightly on myself, but I do nevertheless have that ability.

Something I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks has been spurring me to write, but I've been caught up in this tangled mass of rhetoric and confusion many other Americans are stuck in. The whole ordeal of the Russia investigation and Donald Trump.

I have theories and ideas, but only one really seems to stick. Before I say any more, let me clarify something. I do not support TRUMP.
So don’t think I do.

But…. I have to wonder….

What if all of this banter, hatred, anger and division is exactly what Russia wanted all along?

What if Trump didn't do anything with Russia?

What if? What would you think if Russia just whispered collusion into our ears to create this divide in America?

Just to cook us over the coals of distrust and division? Pushing America into a implosion of civil anarchy? Which could become the outcome of our country if we continue to chase our tails and bite our own asses.

What I’m saying is, what if our present course and direction in division between the people is exactly what Russia wanted?

Is it possible to side step the argument for a moment and think this over? Forget about the whole investigation and whether or not Trump or anyone else has been playing footsie with Russia, what if the clout and atmosphere that we are all swimming in is by design?

What if nobody has done a thing wrong? What if Russia just whispered collusion and knew that where we are now would be the byproduct?

A country divided, is a country that can not stand. Is this what Russia was after? Is that possible?

I’m actually curious that if nothing was said about this election, pertaining to Russian meddling, would we be fighting against one another like we are?

I’m not dumb, I’m sure Donald Trump could have steered us to this point without Russia, but isn't it more possible and probable that Russia pushed this upon us just by planting the question into our hearts and minds? Knowing we would react as we have been?

Think about it America…
Jeffrey Allen Kaufman