Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Russia Invaded Facebook and Twitter. No really...

🇺🇸 American Social Websites Trolled by Russia?

Russia in our Social Media, the Trolls who you think are people in this country, most likely are Russians.

After joining a group on facebook, I noticed after posting a link to my blog, the majority of the visitors were from Russia. The number of interactions with the post suggested that the page I was on was Russian occupied, more than just a little, but a huge majority.

I did this on Twitter as well, again, approximately more than 1/4 were Russian clicks to read my post…or should I say Tweet.

The point of this?

How much of our interaction between one another, especially when it’s in an argumentative reply, isn't a Russian on the other end?

I noted that when you are “Trolled” by a Russian, it’s from questionable writers. Broken English type, symbolic more than contextual and it exudes opposition. I understand American, I’m aware it’s possible to be arguing with another American, but more than I care to mention, it seems like a Russian with bad English. It just seems to be lacking substance. Hit and run tactics, no discussion, just blah blah blah, and no return.

I’m asking webmasters to try to get clicks as well and try to decipher the same country origins.

If I’m right, I’d say Twitter and Facebook is Russian Troll heaven….

Helping to divide our country.

Which Trump doesn't need any help with.

The point of this is, well...

Why would Russians pose as Americans online in social media? What is the point of that? To increase the division of the American people?

It would seem so, since not one Russian has said he's Russian when either defending Trump or resisting Trump. I can't say on which side of the equation they pad up, but I can say, it's highly probable one more than the other.

Thanks for reading.

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