Friday, December 5, 2014

Micheal Brown Law Cameras

Body Mounted Video Cameras for Police.

The Micheal Brown Law will soon force police departments into needing to buy millions of these devices. 

Good Reasons for Police Departments to start buying them Now!

Supported by a 12+ hour long power source and a few GBs worth of memory space, police will wear these cameras mounted on their shoulder or chest to aid in witnessing their activities. 

There has even been ideas for gun mounted cameras, and headgear cameras, but the idea is simple. Accountability.  

Security Officers and some police are already wearing these devices all over America, in shopping malls, schools and hospitals. It's small enough to be worn comfortably, and captures both audio and video during the entire working shift of an officer. Which will aid in not only being a digital witness, but will also act as a supervisor of sorts.

Let's face the facts, once a police officer leaves a police station, each individual officer will act according to his own perceived circumstances. In fact, police feel a slight bit of freedom once they are out on their own on patrol. They know that the only word that matters, is theirs, and that unless they are riding with a partner, the only witness that carries weight, is the one wearing a badge. There is no on-board surveillance, or supervision for a police officer out on patrol. 

The Micheal Brown Law will hopefully put policemen and policewomen on the spot, and make them feel like they must act as they are expected to. Each word and action will be captured, and hold them 100% accountable for everything they do.

Here are a few examples of body worn cameras that police might start wearing. 
Here are a few examples of gun mounted cameras.
I think the Micheal Brown law will be a great help, and I'm looking forward to seeing this law go into effect.

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