Sunday, June 4, 2017

What's in a name?

We The People

Understanding Donald Trump: There is a certain amount of things we fail to take note of when it comes to understanding Trump.

One of those items, is his name.

You have to understand, his last name may be just a name to us, and the rest of the world, but it means much more to the man behind the name.

It's his legacy. It's his power trip. It's a brand, and a symbol of wealth, a unvarnished bright untouchable name. By its definition, means to win. Has to be #1.

A name that he would gladly sacrifice everything for to preserve its heirloom quality gold logo standard of appearance. It shall remain untarnished, to the cost of winning, to the cost of freedom, security, honesty, integrity, power, and possibly the people.

This is why he can do no wrong.

This is why his inauguration had to be bigger.

This is why when the President of Mexico refused to visit, it became a mutual agreement.

It's why instead of admitting a typo, covfefe became a code.

At every opportunity, he has enriched his name. Foreign diplomats visit, they stay on Trump owned properties, he turned press conferences into a QVC commercials, Trump steaks anyone?

But you see, the problem goes deeper. This isn't about right or wrong, or doing what's right for his country, it's all about how the Trump name remains spotless and golden, a standard of excellence, a meaning, not a name.

It's why there's no call from him to stop the division. It's Trump .vs zombies. Losers. Snowflakes. Scum. The left. The enemy! The enemy! The enemy! The enemy!

Understand his enemy. The enemy is not of freedom. Its not the enemy of the people. The enemy of the Trump name is Trump's enemy.

For all that he does, he does for the betterment of the Trump legacy.

That also means protecting the Trump legacy.

He has not one humble bone in his body, and he would sell out our nation in a heartbeat if it means in the end, the Trump brand remains untainted.

Remember I said it. If Russia did have something to hold over his head, that could jeopardise his family name, he is going to do whatever it takes to save his brand, his name, his belief, his symbol.

Remember that.

Furthermore, remember this. To say fake news, means opening up a route for deniability. Should factual information or serious discrediting news come, all he has to do is mutter the word fake to escape responsibility.

One more thing.

That video of trump walking down the stairs to his limousine, then taking a quick right and ending up walking to a spot... dementia was being stated. Sundowning? Maybe....

Here's the thing. 4 excuses for not being able to go to the Vietnam war. Deferments. One was a bone spur. Perhaps a faked bone spur. Perhaps. In order to resign from Office and save his Trump legacy, he's going to fake mental diminishment....

Thank you for your participation.

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