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How to Tell if the NSA is Watching You?

How to tell if the NSA is watching you.

In recent months, the release of classified documents from the NSA insider, Edward Snowden, has made many Americans wonder if the NSA is watching them. The main question being asked is - How can I tell if the NSA is watching me?

According to a source outside of the NSA, there are a few small clues that suggest if you are in fact being watched by the NSA. Now, remind yourself that the NSA claims to be "protecting" Americans from Terrorists. But recently, there has been proof that the NSA is doing much more than just keeping tabs on suspected terrorists.

A recent article on MSN News, tells us that the DEA and other law enforcement agencies are using the NSA to track and bust drug dealers. Also in the article, there are several pieces of what the DEA is doing to cover up exactly how they are getting these drug bust leads.

So how do you know if the NSA is watching you on Facebook? 

When you see this next picture I took from, hung over the main section of my homepage. You might want to know if the NSA is actually watching you. This is the actual warning from Facebook that you are being watched by the NSA.

Other ways to tell if the NSA is keeping tabs on you.

You may have or have not noticed something strange going on with your "Hotmail" email inbox. According to someone I know well enough to trust, the anomaly being displayed that can alert you to being spied on, is getting several emails of one single sent email. You may have noticed that if someone sends you an email, you are getting 3-4 copies of that email. Why?

According to my source, this is due to the data being tapped. That when the email is sent, it is intercepted and then retransmitted to the receiving email address. The NSA was trying and has not yet effectively covered how to intercept and capture without stopping the original message. So in order to capture the message it retransmits the message along with the original. The major problem is that the NSA and the British version of the NSA and a couple of other spy agencies are cross mapping suspected emails.

If the NSA was the only Spy Agency watching your emails, you would only get a double email from one sender. Now, more than one, lets say two or three agencies are watching you, you will get just as many emails as there are watching agencies.

Here is an example of what you may see in your inbox if your email address is being watched. This also can occur when you send an email, as it too is being intercepted and retransmitted to the email address you are sending it to. You might have even been asked by someone you have emailed, "Why did you send me 3 emails?", and that is a solid clue that your emails are being tracked.

Why is the NSA watching me? 

Lets assume you are not a terrorist, or a drug dealer, or doing anything you shouldn't be doing. Then why would the NSA want to keep tabs on you, or me for that matter?
You can easily land under the NSA magnifying glass, even if you have nothing to do with terrorist activities or drug dealings, or anything at all illegal. How? Simply by muttering any of the below listed words the NSA was forced to release.

So, if you are just like me, an average, everyday American....and you used one of these above listed keywords, the NSA could be watching you. I can say for a fact that my email inbox is stuffed with a ton of emails double or triple sent from anyone from a friend, to the survey company listed above.

How do I keep the NSA from watching me?

Interesting enough, MSN News published a "how to" on how you can stop from being tracked by the NSA. The short read, dictates exactly what you should be doing to cover your tracks.


A variety of leaked documents detail how the NSA is targeting people using different chat programs, like Yahoo, MSN, Google and Facebook chats for example. Chat exchanges are much like emails, but are directly sent and transfered between users. Chatting using one of the above mentioned old programs makes for easier spying, and directly links users over IP structures. What does this mean for you? 

Well, unless your up to no good, you shouldn't be worried, but if you are concerned or just don't care for the intrusion,  you can use specialty apps designed for more secure chatting. 

Using a free secure chat client is one option for PC users.
 Cryptocat is a free, highly secure encrypted chatting program designed to be simple, and easy to use.

For your cell phone, you can use Seecrypt. This app allows you to chat with others who also have Seecrypt installed. Chats are fully encrypted and protected from spying eyes.

Yet, I am not concerned if the NSA is or isn't watching my communications. The worst thing the NSA may find on me is my inability to keep my mouth shut, which I think is still a right I have....anyways, how can I know if the NSA is watching me, the tell tail clues are there, telling me I am being monitored, but I don't think I should be worrying. I don't really think any American should be worried, unless your up to no good.

Thank you for reading....

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