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About iOverview News and Opinions. 

iOverview on blogger, like the many dozens of my blogger blogs, was created as an outlet for my desires to write.

Whether I write about technology reviews to make money from affiliate systems, or about political thoughts, I just really enjoy writing and composing articles.

iOverview was created as a blog for expressing my opinions on a variety of subjects I find interesting and for making use of one of our greatest rights we have in America.

If I pick up the remote and watch something in the news, I might write a theory or my thoughts on the subject at that given time and I enjoy experimenting with current news events to try to get a spot in search results using keyword grabs from Google. Mostly though, I just write what I'm thinking without putting much thought into it.

I hate politics, but I also find the subject infuriating enough to drive my writing sometimes. I think everyone has a political view to some extent, and although I never seem to mesh with current ideals and standards when it comes to politics, I do however enjoy voicing my opinions.

Pay attention though, I have no desire to change the world of politics or the American government. I am well in tuned to the fact that my voice on either of the before mentioned, is null and void of any effect.

I'm also very well aware of my writing skills, or lack thereof, and that I can be rather crude and elementary at times. I can't tell you how bad I sucked in my grammar and English writing classes, as my education, at best, was not a fulfilling experience.

Yet, I enjoy writing and self-expression in type enough to continue on with my ramblings. You might also like to know I excelled at Science and Social Studies, only because they cued my intellect. I guess you could say I'm a drop out, who passed through school by taking an I.Q. test every year to move ahead, then found myself bored, and turned to teaching myself, with the same evident slacking in grammar.

In my time working with the Internet, I discovered in the beginning of my internet experience, the enchanting realm of "visions of grandeur". At first I thought I would have some sort of impact on the world, or become wealthy with affiliate systems. Then reality struck me lopsided, and I learned a lesson or two about the Internet and it's true value to everyday users like me.

I found that I am one in a few million people attempting the same dreamy outcomes to be found from the Internet, and precluded in the end that I'm better off doing what I do for myself, and not in the attempt to find an audience of thousands of followers or a stream of endless income.

In fact, as the owner of Laptoptester.com, I discovered there is a tremendous amount of competition in the affiliate marketing field, who is much better funded than I am, and I quickly learned that I was better off just enjoying what I write without an alternate agenda. The same applies with my blogs to an extent, but thankfully Blogger is free.

So, welcome to iOverview. Just another Blog floating around the vast oasis of the Internet, full of personal views, thoughts and endless wisdom of mindless effort. To be honest, I do still have some lackluster hopes in the idea that perhaps I might earn a few more followers or have something I write become viral.

Just know that I am not some crazy freak with a shotgun guarding the desk that I write at. I just voice my thoughts and opinions with the hopes that one or two, maybe three people might read my blog and leave it remembering my name and not the web address they landed on.

I'm Jeffrey Allen Kaufman, creator of 40 plus something blogs, owner of Laptoptester.com, and well aware that I'm basically irrelevant in the ocean of the internet. Thank you for reading iOverview, and please leave a comment or two to give me hope. lol!

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