Sunday, May 11, 2014

Who is the Sexiest Woman in America?

My opinion is really all that matters, at least for me anyways.

When the question arose the other day between me and my wife as to who is the sexiest woman in America, I had to revert slightly on my answer, being that when I was a teenager,  it was totally Christina Applegate.

Years have passed, and now I am perplexed with a choice. Being that I'm 39 now and about to turn 40, my choices have changed dramatically.

The list of my choices ranged from somewhere between the super hot to the slightly unknown. Of course names were tossed around, but I'm not ready to actually say who my choice was. I will tell you though who I didn't pick, or even mutter the names of.

My list of possible winners is much shorter than perhaps the average Joe would pull out if asked the same question. So before I say who I think is the sexiest woman in the USA, I find myself capable of dispelling a few myths, if your ready?

Kim Kardashian certainly is not one of my choices, or any of the Kardashian women for that matter. I find the whole fake, plastic, money hungry types rather ugly. I'd say a toothless redneck girl from Alabama has more beauty when compared to the shallow waters of the Kardashian women and their foray of being nobody but somebody important. I don't even really know how they became famous, other than some twisted reality show. So I have to pass on picking a Kayne West "Sloppy" type, sorry.

Ideally, in my opinion, sexy is a masterful mix of intelligence, physical appearance, and a multitude of things I find sexy in a woman. Bright and alluring eyes, a sort of look about them, perhaps even a slight bit sultry, slutty even, but most of all, a unique and fabulous way about them.

After saying all of that, you can tell why a Kardashian wouldn't be in my list, although they would qualify on the slutty aspect, everything else, is out of grabs.

Paris Hilton, hmmmm..... Now her or Nicki could easily be in my top 10 choices, they are both unique, beautiful and seemingly intelligent. I think Paris is perhaps a naughty nymph, and just a little too darn sexy for my tastes. Nicki, know what, let's leave the Hilton girls off of my list. They are both just too damn much, I mean, almost unobtainable. To mention them, only leaves me with one hand to type with. Just kiddddddddddddddddding.

Plastic barbie types just don't do it for me. Even though I don't know if you would agree, myself....I'll pass. I like internal beauty, outward beauty is good of course, but I think I'd rather pick Jessica Simpson over either of the Hilton ladies. Not that Paris is a bad choice, don't get me wrong, I think she's hot as all hell. Nicki too, but for me.....Jessica has a bit of a better frame, I think she could handle a man like me better. Paris and Nicki seem a little fragile. I'm probably wrong, but anyways, I do like a little more meat and potatoes on my plate, and Jessica has some really nice potatoes.

I'm not picking Jessica Simpson, sorry. She is however a close 4th, perhaps 5th place in my top 10 picks. Number 1 in my sexual bucket list though, as if that was possible, but I can dream can't I?

So where was I? Oh yeah, onward with my list of women who are not the sexiest women in America, but do qualify for being sexy.

Jenna Fischer, ever since I saw her in The Dewey Cox Story, I would have to say she is pretty darn sexy. A funny, sexy, and beautiful mix in a woman I admit gets my attention, but I'm me and without compromising on anything, I think she has a tremendous amount of sexual appeal. Her line, "smell that shit baby!" will forever haunt my fantasies when I think of her.

I brought up Jenna because humor is sexy, and beautiful when it's done right. I can't say I pick her as the number 1 most sexiest woman in America, but as far as sexy funny goes, she has my vote.

Sandra Bullock, now there is a woman with some class and beauty. I like her acting, even before I saw the movie Gravity. She has a type of appeal that is hard to match, a sort of soft and sweet look, with a touch of tomboyishness that leaves you liking her without wondering why. Although still not my number one pick, I still love the Bullockyness she exudes.

I think about my choices and wonder if anyone else will agree. Then again, this isn't about anything else but my choices. I mean, I could look on other websites and find some list of the top 50 sexiest woman in America and just pick one and be like; This is the sexiest woman in the USA, and be done with it, right?

Brittney Spears, alas I don't care what people say about her. I still find her totally sexy, and smart. I mean she took herself from being a teen TV star to a pop icon, to divorce and all else she has gone through. I remember the whole thing with her child and court dates, but who cares. She's human, people fuck up, and I hate to say it but nobody is perfect.

I think when stars end up in trouble or make mistakes, people should like them more. Glamour and bling gets slightly tarnished, but on the flip side, it bring them down to normalcy. Personal problems makes them more real, more human, and in my opinion more attractive.

I'd have to put Brittney in my top 10, right next to Jessica Simpson.

Now I am fully aware that all of my picks so far have been all famous people. Stars and actors, and whatever, so now I'm going into my list of....oh hell...forget it, you know what? I'm at a loss, and can only say I had this whole thing in my head about going through a long well thought out list and then finally saying who I think is the sexiest woman in America,  but right now, I need to get ready for church. lol

So, my pick for the sexiest woman in America is.....

My wife.

She's funny. She's smart and witty. Beautiful. Inside and out. A mom like no other, and a wonderful partner. She's tough when she needs to be, and gentle as a feather when she feels like it. I love my wife, and to me she is the most sexiest woman on earth, never mind the USA.

So, now that I've covered my ass from being cut off in the bedroom, and the kitchen, I will tell you who I think is the sexiest woman in America, that I totally would go for if I wasn't married to the sexiest woman in the world....


Gwyneth Paltrow

In my opinion, what matters is being beautiful inside and out. Now considering my blog has 20 followers and I doubt anyone will read this post and give a flying %@#$ but....

I think this woman is just drop dead freaking gorgeous. She has a look to her that offers intelligence, physical beauty, and a sort of soft and comfortable air about her.

I never met her, I doubt I ever will, and to be honest, I don't know anything about her other than what I read, and that's a short amount of reading, as I tend to stay away from tabloids.

I just think she's gorgeous. Her eyes are like....oh heck...forget it, she's my number one pick, deal with it.

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