Friday, July 7, 2017

Listen or Don't

I don't think we're on the same page.

I am not a liberal. I'm not a Conservative. I'm not a Democrat, or a Republican. I'm not a rightist or a leftist. I'm not a libertarian, or a centrist.

I'm an American.

I didn't vote for Hillary or Sanders or Trump. I voted for Dez Nutz. To make a statement about what I viewed in our election. I honestly didn't see one single individual running who deserved my fellow Americans vote. Maybe you did, but I didn't.

I believe our total government is corrupt, misguided, and has become Tyrannical.

I do not believe the American people have control any longer with reins on this horse.

We have lost control.

This isn't just about the environment or about problems abroad.

This is about freedom and the people of this country. Morals and the responsibility of being an American. Not about Trump, but he is part of this equation. All of the political spectrum are part of this equation.

I'm not a socialist... I'm no communist. I'm not an elitist or a occupier of anything. I'm an American, nothing else, nothing more. There is no label to stick on me, other than the label of being American.

I'm a free thinking non affiliated American who loves his country and the people of this country, but fears that We the People will diminish if we continue to ignore the obviousness of it all.

Our government is tyrannical and unyielding in noncompliance to the intended form of a government of the the people.

Our government is for themselves. That is all....

Tyranny is our enemy, not each other.

I pledge to continue to be an American, and stand under the label of being American, the Red, White, and Blue of American values.

If you bring tyrannical leadership to the American people and expect unification, your divisional by ethical standards. You can not bypass the law and expect unification.

God Bless America.

Listen or Don't.

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